Water Map Inside
Water is one of the many maps in Elemental Battlegrounds.
Water Map Outside
The photos to the right are pictures taken before the release of the game. These should shed enough light on how it looks like in the Drop Zone (Castle). 

The inside looks like a simple regular village guarded by towers. Near the snowy mountain at the rear, there is some sort of sacred place. Most of the buildings can be accessed. There is also a river that runs through the village near the sacred place. The river can be crossed through bridges. The river then leaves the town through a small hole near the Main Entrance. As shown in the second picture to the right, the river becomes a waterfall which leads to a lake down below. There is an area in the rocks near the river that lead to the area past the pool at the drop zone that can be entered through there or can be entered through openings in the rocks next to the river. No safe zones can be seen from these two perspectives but there is one near the side of the castle. Another safe zone is across the bridge shown from the picture to the right. The castle has a symbol on one of the walls that shows a dragon. It may be that Water Element Users originated from this place and used the power of the Water Dragon which resembles the town. The Water Dragon may also possibly be the Dragon that is summoned from the Water Ultimate.... (Theory)

This is actually the best map for diamonds, as they spawn very frequently.

If you have purchased an Aura Gamepass, it will not show in this map.

The castle seems to be the symbolic structure of the map.