Water is one of three starter elements you can obtain in elemental battlegrounds as your first element, fire, water, or grass. Water is an element good for close to medium range, and can be very versatile and useful in many combos.


Water is an element that deals decent damge against opponents and also has high combo potential. Water Beam, for example, deals a fairly high damage and also stuns, making you able to come up with another good spell on them or use a combo to kill your victim. Water Tornado doesn't deal that much damage, but it can absorb nearby players. Many people choose this as their starter element because of it's decent damage and speed.


Water Beam
Spell 1 Type Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User fires a fast moving water beam that deals a high amount of damage and issues a brief stun."
Spell 1 Info A thin beam of water is fired, exploding upon impact, tripping anyone in range of the explosion. It should be followed by another attack for full effect. This move also passes through solid projectiles. This spell consumes 250 mana and has a 5 second cooldown.
Spell 1 Picture Water Beam
Water Stream
Spell 2 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 2 Description "User fires a considerable amount of water bullets that each deal a low amount of damage."
Spell 2 Info Multiple water bullets are shot at the opponent, with each exploding and doing a small amount of damage upon impact, though can do around 500 damage at once if all stacked. It consumes 250 mana and has a 6 second cooldown.
Spell 2 Picture Water Stream
Water Tornado
Spell 3 Type Field
Spell 3 Description "User creates a water tornado from the ground which absorbs all players in its range to deal a medium amount of damage."
Spell 3 Info A water tornado is created in front of the caster, reeling any nearby players in, raising them into the air, and gradually doing a medium amount of damage. The tornado lasts for around 3 seconds, consuming 400 mana and having a 10 second cooldown.
Spell 3 Picture Water Tornado
Water Tumble
Spell 4 Type TP
Spell 4 Description "User spawns a puddle of water that can be used to deal amounts of damage or to flee a battle."
Spell 4 Info A puddle of water is summoned that continues moving straight forward, carrying the caster along (if they don't walk off). This puddle travels at a fast speed, and can be used to scale long distances. If an opponent is hit by the puddle, they will take a lot of damage, possibly mounting it. You are locked to the puddle for the first second after casting the spell. It consumes 200 mana and has a 10 second cooldown.
Spell 4 Picture
Water Tumble
Exiting Water Tumble
Water Dragon
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User summons a humongous water dragon that can be directed by the users' mouse cursor which can stun and deal high amounts of damage"
Spell 5 Info A water dragon is summoned in front of the caster with an audible roar, which then lunges towards the location of the caster's cursor. Upon striking a player, it does a small amount of damage and locks the player in position If no one is hit, the dragon continues going in a spiral path for 5 seconds, then disappears. It consumes 1000 mana with an 80 second cooldown.
Spell 5 Picture
Water dragon
Water Dragon miss


Fusion Element Element 1 Element 2 Overall cost of getting the fusion element (diamonds)
150 + 300 = 450
150 + 300 = 450
150 + 650 (+500 Extra Gems) = 1300


  • Water Tornado and Water Tumble could drag players out of safe zone until most ways got patched.
  • In Water Beam's description, brief is spelled as 'breif'.
  • Water is one of the two Elements that can make 3 fusion Elements, the second one being Darkness.
  • Water is an element brought to Elemental Battlegrounds from Elemental Wars.
  • Sewer Burst is very similar to Water Tornado. One of the differences between these spells is that Sewer Burst can select a place to cast it and Water Tornado is close range. Sewer Burst also can drag players out of safe zones.



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