VIP is a gamepass in Elemental Battlegrounds that has many advantages. It is the less expensive version of Premium but with less perks.

To the right is the icon for VIP in Elemental Battlegrounds

The description says:

"Thank you for supporting us! Perks include: + 1.5x shard drop value when you pick them up + 1.5x EXP multiplier for using magic+An exclusive gold chat color for VIP members only+Shard tracker - every time a shard spawns on the map, a ray coming from the sky will show its location for 3 seconds! + Get 1 bonus shard every time someone else picks one up"


  • 450 Robux (on sale)


  • 1.5 shard drop value, stacks with Premium (get 15 shards when you pick up a shard from the ground, stacks to 30)
  • 1.5 multiplier for using magic, stacks to 3 with Premium (get 1.5 times more experience every time you use a spell)
  • Your chat color turns gold
  • A light will appear above a shard when it spawns on the map for three seconds
  • Get a shard every time someone else pick one up, stacks 3 with Premium
  • Puts you in the 'VIP' group in the Discord server (chat color is gold)