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Worried about the coronavirus?

Lately I was talking with someone about it and here's is some helpful info you could and should hear:

"1) By the time of writing this, there is about 1,337,167 cases. There is 74,176 deaths. And there is 277,757 who recovered!

So no, just because you get the "coronavirus", doesn't mean no matter what you'll die.

The chance of recovering is 20.7720502%. The change of dying is 5.54725027%.

The Mortality Rate is about 3.4%.

The media won't tell you that!

2) (Kind of goes with #1) That's the worst part of this outbreak, the media. Am I panicking? I am actually relaxing. The media often lies and makes up stuff and turns the truth. They do that to get money. Whatever the conspiracies are, we have to get down the facts first. Why can't we just (all) calm down and show some happiness and courage and highlight some of the more heartening things we’ve seen in the past few weeks, as the world mobilizes against the coronavirus pandemic.

3) People are trying. And guess what...i'll tell you something...THERE IS ALWAYS A CURE.

What companies are doing:

Apparel companies are retooling to make masks and other protective garments.

The production of ventilators and N95 respirators is particularly critical.

Tech companies are donating their huge computing power.

Distilleries and breweries are making hand sanitizer.

Leaders are learning about empathy.

And one of my favorites: *Pollution has fallen dramatically in major urban areas as people have stayed home.*

How life is adapting:

Volunteers are stepping up.

We’ve learned to recreate some life experiences online.

Cultural institutions have opened their doors, digitally speaking.

There are moments of joy.

Quarantines don’t have to be quiet.

Washing your hands properly has never been groovier.

The sports world is getting in on the action, too.

Look on the bright side...Today’s news mostly isn’t necessarily good is it.

4) I'll make this a separate one/idea/statement but here are some busted myths:

Myth: Face masks can protect you from the virus

Myth: You're waaaay less likely to get this than the flu

Myth: The virus is just a mutated form of the common cold

Myth: Getting COVID-19 is a death sentence

Myth: Pets can spread the new coronavirus

Myth: If you have coronavirus, "you'll know"

Myth: It's not safe to receive a package from China

Myth: You can get the coronavirus if you eat at Chinese restaurants in the US

Myth: Coronavirus is the deadliest virus known to man

-Yes there's pros and cons to it like everything. But what about comparing it?

5) Just see if this makes a bit of sense...(this one is one of my favorites and most important ones too).

So far, it looks like the coronavirus is more deadly than the flu...i get it. However, there's still a lot of uncertainty around the mortality rate of the virus. The annual flu typically has a mortality rate of around 0.1% in the U.S. So far, there's a 0.05% mortality rate among those who caught the flu virus in the U.S. this year, according to the CDC.

In comparison, recent data suggests that COVID-19 has a mortality rate more than 20 times higher, of around 2.3%, according to a study published Feb. 18 by the China CDC Weekly. The death rate varied by different factors such as location and an individual's age, according to a previous Live Science report.

But these numbers are continuously evolving and may not represent the actual mortality rate. It's not clear if the case counts in China are accurately documented, especially since they shifted the way they defined cases midway through, according to STAT News. There could be many mild or asymptomatic cases that weren't counted in the total sample size, they wrote. Although SARS-CoV-2 does appear to be more serious than influenza, it is not the deadliest virus that people have faced. Others, such as Ebola, have higher mortality rates.

No one is 100% sure but look at the stats: Nearly 1.25 million people are killed in car accidents each year. That means, on average, auto accidents cause 3,287 deaths per day. An additional 20-50 million people are injured or disabled. More than half of all ​road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44.

According to the American Cancer Society, in the U.S., an estimated 606,520 people will die from cancer in 2020. 3 This equates to 1,660 people dying of cancer each day in 2020.

At least 2.8 million people each year die as a result of being overweight or obese.

So far this flu season, the CDC estimates that up to 45 million Americans have been infected, hospitalizing up to 560,000 and killing 46,000.

Influenza remains a leading cause of death in the US.


Ebola had a MUCH higher death rate like other pandemics and illnesses.

Scientists and medical researchers have for years have differed over the exact definition of a pandemic (is it a pandemic, or an epidemic), but one thing everyone agrees on is that the word describes the widespread occurrence of disease, in excess of what might normally be expected in a geographical region.

Cholera, bubonic plague, smallpox, and influenza are some of the most brutal killers in human history. And outbreaks of these diseases across international borders, are properly defined as pandemic, especially smallpox, which throughout history, has killed between 300-500 million people in its 12,000 year existence. The last known natural case of smallpox was in Somalia in 1977. It was declared eradicated in 1980 following a global immunization campaign led by the World Health Organization. Smallpox is transmitted from person to person via infective droplets during close contact with infected symptomatic people.


Death Toll: 36 million


Death Toll: 1 million

And to see what the flu alone has done...the coronavirus, especially covid-19 is NOTHING.

ASIAN FLU (1956-1958)

Death Toll: 2 million


Death Toll: 20 -50 million


Death Toll: 800,000+

Cause: Cholera

FLU PANDEMIC (1889-1890)

Death Toll: 1 million


Death Toll: 1 million

THE BLACK DEATH (1346-1353)

Death Toll: 75 – 200 million


Death Toll: 25 million


Death Toll: 5 million

The world population estimate now is about 7,776,012,373. How much are "infected" with the coronavirus? About 1,331,032. Compare these numbers and that means 0.0171171538%. Hope i did the math right. One percent of the world population is about 77,760,124! Now i know the whole world is panicking or at least shut down and collapsing or getting worse. But getting the coronavirus is probably better than dying from it, am I right?

Now if worse comes to worse, the projections calculate that about 2.57201237% of the world could get *infected.*

_Now just take everything I have said in perspective and just think for a moment._


Beginning in December 2019, in the region of Wuhan, China, a new (“novel”) coronavirus began appearing in human beings. It has been named Covid-19, a shortened form of “coronavirus disease of 2019.” This new virus spreads incredibly quickly between people, due to its newness – no one on earth has an immunity to Covid-19, because no one had Covid-19 until 2019. While it was initially seen to be an epidemic in China, the virus spread worldwide within months. The WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic in March, and by the end of that month, the world saw more than a half-million people infected and nearly 30,000 deaths. The infection rate in the US and other nations was still spiking.

With the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have become more aware of the best practices during a pandemic, from careful hand-washing to social distancing. Countries across the world declared mandatory stay-at-home measures, closing schools, businesses, and public places. Dozens of companies and many more independent researchers began working on tests, treatments, and vaccines. The push for the human race to survive the pandemic became the primary concern in the world.

Yes, the outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic is impossible to predict (at the time of this writing). But we can learn from pandemics in history to determine our best courses. These are our teachers – the Spanish flu, the AIDS pandemic, and more.

On average, it takes five to six days from the day you are infected with SARS-CoV-2 until you develop symptoms of COVID-19. This pre-symptomatic period—also known as "incubation"—can range from one to 14 days.

From there, those with mild disease tend to recover in about two weeks, while those with more severe cases can take three to six weeks to recover, according to WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who goes by Dr. Tedros.

And you heard those quotes, they bigger they come, the harder they fall.

But we also don't know the actual numbers but we can't be too far off. THERE'S BEEN OTHER CORONAVIRUS BEFORE! This is like the 3rd outbreak. Though, the virus that causes COVID-19 and the one that caused the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 are related to each other genetically, but the diseases they cause are quite different. And yes, COVID-19 is much worse that the previous ones but many outbreaks happen and we still come through.

Don't want to say anything offensive and really rude and mean but less people isn't really a bad thing. And an even more weirder look on it, people are getting lots of attention like tons of subscribers and views in total. Now that guarantees some money. And any money is better than none. I have been stuck at my house really all my life to be honest. I don't really go anywhere but we still go outside. I have even gone sometimes without the internet world and had one of the times of my life lately not going to lie. There's always pros and cons (People should try calming down or maybe even stepping away from the media for a bit.) The internet isn't very good our mental health.

We need to work together, and still need to practice good hygiene, and etc.

Now of course there's much more info I could give and should but do you get my meaning and point? This wasn't made up.

Thanks for talking your time to read it. Hope you are well. :)"

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