Time is a Rare Element in Elemental Battlegrounds. It has a colour palette of green and shining white. 

This element uses tricky spells, with trapping capabilities to defeat opponents, with damage that varies depending on the accuracy and situation of the battles, though can be used very effectively. 

The medal consists of minty green, with a darker variant as its border. On the center depicts a pocket watch with its hands pointing at the 12:00 spot. 

Time is a purchasable element for 500 diamonds


Warp Bombs
Spell 1 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User rapidly fires time bombs that will detonate after 10 seconds or when they press their 'E' key"
Spell 1 Info The user fires several small shining sticky balls that can be set off by pressing E (this is a small button labeled with an E above the Create Party button on tablets) or waiting 10 seconds.
Spell 1 Picture Warp Bombs
Temporal Trap
Spell 2 Type Contact Spell
Spell 2 Description "User entraps a nearby enemy in an hourglass and deals high damage"
Spell 2 Info User traps an opponent in an hourglass and once all the sand runs down, the opponent takes medium damage.
Spell 2 Picture Temporal Trap
Spell 3 Type Transportation
Spell 3 Description "User creates a spot in time that can be teleported back to after a second click."
Spell 3 Info The user creates a spectral copy of themselves that the user can teleport to.

After 30 seconds, the spectral copy dissipates and reactivating the spell will create a new copy.

Spell 3 Picture Chronostasis
Genesis Ray
Spell 4 Type AoE
Spell 4 Description "User creates a blast-like explosion that deals low damage initially but will do more if the opponent attempts to escape the blast radius."
Spell 4 Info The user fires a ray that creates a whitish-green dome for a period of time. This bubble prevents people from exiting from the inside.

Trying to walk in/out of the dome will result in taking damage and teleporting to the center of the dome. Once you have tried to go out and teleport back, the dome will immediately start to spin and fade away.

Spell 4 Picture Genesis Ray
The World
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User casts a time-stopping move that will allow you to damage opponents in its large radius much more easily."
Spell 5 Info The user summons a huge grandfather clock that stops time within a 20 stud radius and turns everyone's vision whitish-gray in a medium-large area and stops them. While the Ultimate does not do damage itself, it can indirectly cause great damage if the caster has a high damage spell.

If a player walks into the ultimate's radius after it was activated they will not be affected, unlike most ultimates (such as Fire, Grass, Wind, Earth, Crystal, Plasma, Darkness, Spectrum, and others).

Spell 5 Picture Clock


  • The Ultimate has the second longest cooldown of all Ultimates, with 120 seconds, the first being Acid, with 160 seconds.
  • Time's element medal is actually a recolor of Arc of Embodiment from Elemental Wars.
  • The Ultimate's name is a reference to DIO's Stand and time-stopping ability, The World.
  • When compared to other Contact Spells, Temporal Trap has the biggest range yet deals no damage.
  • Time is the second Element produced by a player; it was created by a Discord user Windoze.
  • If looked at closely, the clock spawned in The World entitles the word 'QUARTZ' on it, like many clocks.
    • This makes Time the first Element to have an Ultimate that features words.
  • Temporal Trap is the first Contact Spell in which the user can move when activating it, the second being Phoenix's soul plunge.
  • Temporal Trap is the first and only Contact spell on which the caster doesn't make any animation, not even the basic contact spell casting animation.
  • This is the arc image.
    Arc of Time


Fusion Element Element 1 Element 2 Overall cost of getting the fusion element (diamonds)
(300+150) + 500 + 777(fusion cost) = 1727

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