Technology is a Superior Element that costs 1337 diamonds that was released on December 22, 2019. Its palette consists of various shades of green, black, white, blue and red and its medal depicts a power button. It is classified as quite a strong element and is best used at close to mid-range, with its incredible damage output. 


Spell 1 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User has an inventory of 3 boomerangs that at max charge can stun players and deal low damage. Boomerangs that connect with the ground will be disabled for 6 seconds."
Spell 1 Info User throws a green boomerang that deals 97 damage, costs 150 mana and has a 1 second cooldown. At max charge, the boomerang is blue and stuns for 0.5 seconds on hit. When a boomerang touches the floor, it becomes red and doesn't do anything for 6 seconds, after which it returns back to the player's inventory.

Note: The boomerangs will not return to the user if Virtual Zone is being used.

Spell 1 Picture
Vortex Bomb
Spell 2 Type AoE
Spell 2 Description "User compresses energy into a powerful bomb that will pull players in and deal high damage upon its explosion. Automatically explodes after a short time."
Spell 2 Info User throws a bomb that deals 350 damage, costs 325 mana and has a 9 second cooldown. When hit by the bomb, you will be able to hear strange chanting of some kind and get pulled into the portal-like bomb and ragdolled. Once this happens, you can't escape the damage. This spell can be held down to aim better, although it makes no difference. Holding it down for too long will cause the bomb to explode where you are, although you won't receive any damage.
Spell 2 Picture
Light Disc
Spell 3 Type Transportation
Spell 3 Description "User may click briefly to surf on a lightning disc for a short distance, which will be lunged off and fire 3 mini disc bullets. Alternatively, hold your click to deal massive damage with the large lightning disc."
Spell 3 Info User gets on a disc that deals 120 damage to anyone who touches it, then jumps high up and fires off 4 mini disc bullets that deal 80 damage each. This spell costs 225 mana and has a 9 second cooldown. Alternatively, you can hold left click to not jump up, but instead stay on the ground and have the disc deal 400 damage whenever it touches a player.
Spell 3 Picture
Orbital Strike
Spell 4 Type Projectile
Spell 4 Description "User summons 3 massive energy beams from above that will pull players far away and deal high damage."
Spell 4 Info User summons 3 massive energy beams from above that pull players far away and deal 350 damage at maximum. This spell costs 375 mana and has a 10 second cooldown. This spell can go both uphill and downhill, even if there's a wall in the way. This makes it very useful against terrain fighters.But it is shorter range after the update end.

Edit: Deals about 532 damage total.

Spell 4 Picture
Virtual Zone
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User meditates to build their maximum capacity of power, which when released will pull in the closest player to a digital region where the world attacks them and deals massive damage."
Spell 5 Info User goes into a meditating position and pulls one person into the ultimate. When they arrive, you can see blocks being summoned around the player unlucky enough to get into the ult. Then lasers appear that zap the player continuously, ending with a giant laser from above that flings the blocks away. This ultimate does about 600 damage (nerfed, used to deal about 1000) to the target. You cannot be hurt at all while using this ult. If there's multiple people near you when you ult, the game randomly decides which one to take.
Spell 5 Picture
Virtual zone


  • When Light Disc is used in a place with a low ceiling (most notably, inside the pyramid in the Light map), with the jump option, your jump is about the same height as a standard jump. This doesn't always occur.
  • The diamond cost is 1337, probably because 1337 means "leet" which is a derivative of "elite".
    • The diamond cost was suspected to be 1010 (because 1010 resembles binary codes).
    • Technology was also suspected to be a fusion element.
  • When Technology was released, the "TECHNOLOGY" on the game title was misspelled "TECHNOLOY", but that was fixed shortly after.
  • On January 2, 2020, Orbital Strike, which used to travel rather a long-distance, had it's range heavily nerfed, which caused it to only be effective at close range, which sparked criticism all over the community.
  • Technology was developed by JuniorJFive, who also created Dragon and Illusion.
  • Vortex Bomb is another spell that contains arrows that are only seen by the player, along with Acid and Angel's transportation spells.
  • Somehow, some spells of Technology acts like the other element's spells.
    • Light Disc behaves like Soaring Upheaval (when lunging) and Water Tumble.
    • Orbital Strike acts like Gleaming Borealis, Ash Pulse, and Lightning Bolt at the same time.
  • The lines and shapes on the disc in Light Disc might be some glyphs, which are elemental symbols.
  • Technology's Light Disc is the second spell that allows you to have options, the first being Sound's Echoes.
  • When the ultimate was in development, the portal effect that makes the targeted person enter the virtual realm is similar to Vortex Bomb before exploding.
  • Technology was originally supposed to release alongside Slime but got scrapped later on due to certain problems.
  • Technology was released on the same day that Aurora was (but not the same year).
  • Hyperang dethroned Flurry Heave and Chronostasis being the fastest spell to cooldown.
  • Before Slime was in development, on the Fire map, there were various green cubes scattered through the map, while on the Water map, on one of the bridges in the drop zone, there was some sort of code. Both of these led to hints for Technology (or another possible new element, for example, Code).
  • The medal depicts a power button, mostly seen in a CPU.
  • Technology dethroned Aurora as the most expensive non-fusion element, therefore making it the most expensive non-fusion element as of December 2019.
  • Before Technology was confirmed to be the next element, the dev JuniorJFive temporarily left. This is the reason why Elemental Battlegrounds had no updates.
    • Many people suspected that the developers left the development on EBG and started updating Blox Fruits.
  • The word Hyperang is a portmanteau of hyper and boomerang.
  • Virtual Zone is the second Ultimate that pulls the opponent into another realm, the first being Illusion's Ethereal Acumen.
  • The location of Virtual Zone is located outside the map. Because of this, you can use Disorder Ignition and swap places with a person in the virtual zone. Note: After the ultimate is done, you most likely will end up falling from the sky to your doom.
  • Virtual Zone is the first Ultimate to have an AoE, but only effect one player, the reasoning for this is debatable.
  • This is the fifth element whose medal has no swirls. The others being Storm, Darkness, Phoenix, Illusion and Sans.
  • Light Disc's description is misleading. It clearly says "User may click briefly to surf on a lightning disc for a short distance, which will be lunged off and fire 3 mini disc bullets." In reality, 4 of them are actually fired.
  • Upon the element's inception, the community's general opinion was that Hyperang is one of the worst spells in Elemental Battlegrounds, due to how it worked.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you are immortal while using Virtual Zone. However, you are able to take burn damage when using Virtual Zone.
  • Light Disc uses the same strange circle as the Astral Cloak of Transportation gear item in the Roblox catalog.
  • Hyperang is the fourth multi-projectile spell that doesn't explode while touching something solid, the others being Earth's Rock Avalanche, Wind's Wind Tornados, and Grass' Poison Needles.
  • During the first attempt at developing Technology, there was only one move complete before it got scrapped. It was a multi-projectile type move where the user shot out scraps of metal.
    • This move could possibly be used in a Metal element.
  • Orbital Strike doesn’t show the pillars inside in the Tomb of Rebirth in Light map, however, they still deal damage.
  • Orbital Strike is the 3rd projectile spell that pulls players with it, the first being Gravity's Gravitational Exertion, and the second being Space's Black Hole Orb.
  • Orbital Strike, with a mana cost of 375, dethroned Holobeam as the most expensive projectile spell in terms of mana cost.
  • If the disc from Light Disc hits a wall, it will bump on it much like the ball on the arcade game Breakout.
  • Virtual Zone is the second Ultimate spell that affects only one player, the first being Water Dragon.
  • Occasionally, Virtual Zone will glitch, disabling you from using the ultimate, simply showing the medal for a split second and you meditating for that split second. However, in exchange, the only damage you will take will be burn damage.
  • Vortex bomb is like the Subspace Tripmine, but green and bigger.
  • If you reset just after being captured by Virtual Zone, when you respawn, the fog effect from the ult will still be present like you were hit by Refraction, but that effect wears off when the ult ends.
  • Technology is the second element that uses items from the catalog on its spells, the first being Acid.
  • The damage bonus for the second option of Light Disc, will only be present after the green 'saw blades' emerge from the edges of the disk, otherwise, hitting a player right after casting the spell deals considerably lower damage.
  • Although the developers of Elemental Battlegrounds live in the US, Light Disc uses the word "Disc" which is most popular in the British English language. The preferred spelling of "Disc" on the US is "Disk". It's unknown if "Disc" was used intentionally or unintentionally on the spell's name.
  • If you use the Light Disc in Survival Mode the mini disc you shoot will be slower, the same as the ice shards of Frozen Incursion (Ice).
  • This is one of the elements whose ultimate creates a symbol but doesn't do anything when there are no players around. The other being Reaper.
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