Survival Mode is a wave survival/zombie survival-type mode where players have to fight off waves of zombies within a time limit and a kill goal with each round changing the allotted time and kill goal, making both larger.

As the waves progress, mobs become both stronger and tougher.



Mob Health Damage Speed
Zombie 1000 Low Slow
Diamond Zombie <1000 Low Super Fast
Shadow 1000 Low Above Average
Explosive Wizard 1000 Above Average Medium
Skeleton Unknown Below Average Slow
Spectre Unknown Medium Above Average
Tank Zombie 2000 Low Slow
Cthulhu Unknown Medium Fast
Snake Unknown High Above Average
Chaos Knight ~2000 Unknown Slow


  • Deathlord is a boss that was added as part of the Battle Arena event that is capable of casting spells. He appears to be wearing a Dominus Empyreus.
    • Deathlord has a very high amount of health (exact amount unknown), making it difficult to take him down without support from other players.

During the Battle Arena event, Deathlord will appear at wave 9 (Wave 29 as today.). Upon death, all players receive the "Boss Battle Survivor" badge and the Solo Backpack, and the player that killed Deathlord will receive 100 Shards and 10 Diamonds.

Mob Health Damage Speed
Deathlord 10,000 High-Very High Average
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  • Enemies can overwhelm a player if they are not careful. To prevent this, do not stay still. Using Field Spells can damage multiple enemies at once to help clear the swarm.
  • Use Contact Spells (e.g. Magma Drop) to finish off stragglers or stronger enemies.
  • Quick Transportation Spells such as Storm's Lightning Flash can help keep distance between the player and the enemies.
  • Standing on a high point by jumping on a slanted wall can make the player unreachable.
  • Gather a trail of enemies, then use an Ultimate spell that deals a lot of damage to destroy them. Spells like Hell's Core (Fire), Ghastly Grasp (Spirit), Wind Gust (Wind), Scintillating Plasma (Plasma), Vehement Blizzard (Ice), Gravitational Pull (Gravity), and Void Opening (Void) are very effective.
  • Coordinate attacks with teammates.
  • Getting the full charge on spells such as Great Fire Blast (Fire), Bloodcurdling Blast (Nightmare) helps deal more damage.
  • Healing Spells that have the power to steal health from enemies are very effective.
  • One can earn diamonds easily by using Gleaming Borealis (Aurora) during higher waves.
  • If mobs are hit by the final blast of Space-Time Rupture (Chaos), Toxic Basilisk (Acid) or Essence Relegation (Spirit) won't be able to get up.
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