Superior Elements are the strongest type of elements in the game. There are currently 11 superior elements in the game. Superior Elements are the most expensive Element in the game, as they cost over at least 1000 Diamonds. Some are also Fusion Elements, of which are usually made up of at least one Rare element.

Superior Elements

There are currently 11 Superior Elements in the game.

Element (Total) Cost Fusion


Strengths Weaknesses
1300 Diamonds
  • Deals huge amounts of damage
  • Very good at close range
  • Some spells can blind opponents
  • Some spells control the location of opponents
  • Spells doesn't have healing move support.
  • Uses quite a bit of mana
1550 Diamonds

(Fusion cost + 450 Diamonds)

  • Deals a lot of damage
  • Viable for close and medium range
  • Some spells have unique abilities
  • Rainbow Shockwave is a very effective Transportation Spell due to its speed and maneuverability
  • High Mana Consumption
  • Gamma Surge is easy to avoid
2050 Diamonds

(Fusion cost + 250 Diamonds)

  • Spells, while being slow, can hit very hard
  • Spells work very well at close-range, as well as having multiple moves that can get close to opponents
  • Black Hole Orb is useful against speed exploiters
  • Can blind opponents
  • Most of the spells are slow.
  • Spells doesn't have healing support.
  • Very closed range
1600 Diamonds

(Fusion cost + 50 Diamonds)

  • Spells do rapid damage
  • Effective at close range
  • Shielding move can completely negate any attack if used before it
  • Reaper's Rage is very powerful in Survival Mode
  • Struggles against ranged opponents.
  • Uses a lot of mana.
  • Moves are easy to dodge.
  • Spells doesn't have healing support.
  • Using Reaper's Rage on multiple opponents may result in you getting counterattacked
1225 Diamonds (None)
  • High damaging spells
  • Special effects
  • Spells are not mana-costly
  • Allows you to use other spells during a spell
  • Gleaming Borealis provides defensive capabilities
  • Ultimate is very useful in Survival Mode
  • Spells doesn't have healing move support.
  • Struggles against different height opponents when using Gleaming Borealis.
1100 Diamonds (None)
  • Works well in medium range
  • Good damage
  • Knockback
  • Counter attack
  • Aiming
  • High cooldowns
  • Ultimate is easy to avoid
  • Shielding spell is very hard to use
1500 Diamonds

(Fusion cost + 600 Diamonds)

  • Spells are close-ranged and long-ranged.
  • Can drain opponent's health.
  • Has an answer for practically any situation; spells are extremely versatile
  • Ultimate is very useful in Survival Mode
  • Ultimate is close ranged.
  • High skill floor
  • May struggle against faster opponents


1727 (Fusion cost + 777 Diamonds)
  • Tricks opponents effectively, and provides many support utilities, mainly for escapes.
  • High versatility
  • Can hinder opponent's vision
  • Spells doesn't have healing support.
  • Damaging spells take too long before they actually do something.
  • Cannot choose the exact destination with the transportation move.
1300 (Fusion cost + 500 Diamonds)
  • High versatility
  • Strong acid damage with large combo potential
  • Can force people out of the safe zone, along with forcing them away from Shards and Diamonds
  • High Mana Consumption
  • Spells doesn't have healing support
  • Sometimes hard to control and land meaningful attacks on
3100 (Fusion cost + 2000 Diamonds)
  • Can deal massive damage.
  • High versatility
  • High mobility
  • Very intimidating
  • Has a tracking move
  • Has support capabilities
  • Fairly precise hitboxes and technical skill required to use effectively
  • Moves are fairly easy to dodge from a distance
2300 (Fusion cost + 700 diamonds)
  • Can stick opponents to the ground
  • Very supportive and defensive
  • Versatile
  • Can create blobs which can chase and drain health of opponents
  • No mobility spells besides the ultimate
  • Ultimate is hard to control
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