The Store is an option at the bottom right. It is a green square with a black dollar sign on it. When clicked, there are multiple options such as gamepasses that cost Robux, but they aid you. There are currently 4 Game passes, the Aura Gamepass, which makes you shine white, similar to the yellow shining during the Light ultimate, Ablaze Judgement. There is also the Premium Gamepass and the VIP Gamepass, which mainly give currency and experience bonuses, as well as a special chat color. Then there is the Drops Heaven Gamepass, allowing you to visit the Drops Heaven Map which includes shard and diamond drop bonuses. You can also by a stat refund or a drop rain.

In the Store, there is also an option to buy Shards and Diamonds, the main currencies in the game, for Robux.


The right side of the store, showing trades for currencies in exchange for robux, as well as a stat refund and drop rain.

For easier reading, the costs are here:

  • 200 Shards for $100 Robux
  • 600 Shards for $250 Robux
  • 1500 Shards for $500 Robux
  • 3500 Shards for $1000 Robux
  • 250 Diamonds for $300 Robux
  • 500 Diamonds for $500 Robux
  • 1100 Diamonds for $1000 Robux
  • 2300 Diamonds for $2000 Robux

Drop Rain costs $150 Robux.

Refunding stat points costs $75 Robux.

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