Player upgraded speed a lot

"Statistics Upgrades" or "Character/Body Enhancements" affect the User's Power, Mana, Health, Speed, and Stamina. It is located in the bottom left corner of the playing screen along with the customization of spells. It increases the player's permanent stats.


These Upgrades allow you to deal more damage or to endure longer in a fight. Choose which ones to upgrade carefully, unless you have 75 R$ in storage to refund them. Some combinations of the Upgrades help in battles. Your Upgrades usually make your Character a type of combatant. Tank, Infiltrator, Rusher, etc. They all have their ups and downs. The hexagon in the middle will get bigger the more you upgrade your stats. The angles will move towards the upgrade button of each statistic the more you upgrade it.

Attribute Points

Attribute points are used to upgrade statistics. A player is given one attribute point per level up. Maxing out every stat would need 300 attribute points. The message at the top below "Stats" indicates the amount of unattributed attribute points that you have.



  • Affects magical damage. Does NOT affect physical damage. It starts at 50% and is capped at 100% as points are bought. 0.5% of the original power is being upgraded per upgrade (does NOT upgrade exponentially).

Max Mana

  • Increases Mana points for magic use. It starts at 50% (1000 Mana) and is capped at 100% (1500 Mana). 10 Mana added per point.
  • Mana will stop regenerating once it reaches the cap and will start regenerating again when mana is used again.
  • For more info on mana, see this page.

Max Health

  • Increases HP (Health Points). It starts at 50% (1000 HP) and is capped at 100% (1500 HP). 10 HP added per point.
  • Health will stop regenerating once it reaches the cap and start to regenerate again once the player loses health.
  • For more info on health mechanics see this page.

Max Speed

  • Affects overall movement such as sprinting, walking, flips, etc. It starts at 50% and is capped at 100%. 2% added per point, meaning the more you upgrade speed, the more speed is upgraded per upgrade.
  • Does not affect physical moves.

Max Stamina

  • Increases the maximum amount of stamina for use of physical movement. It starts at 50% (1000 Stamina) and is capped at 100% (1500 stamina). 10 Stamina added per point.
  • Stamina will stop regenerating once it reaches the cap and start to regenerate when it is used up again.
  • For more info on stamina, see this page.


  • Decreases amount of damage done to player when damaged by magical moves. Does NOT affect damage from physical moves.
  • The more defense is upgraded, the less damage is taken.
  • This scales the same as power, upgrading 0.5% of the original defensive capabilities per point spent (DOES NOT UPGRADE EXPONENTIALLY)
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