Uses and Consumption

Stamina is used to do all Physical moves except Blocking. It is represented in an orange bar in the Information Bar. Stamina is depleted when a player uses physical moves, and some physical moves use more than others. When a player does not have enough stamina to do a move, the missing stamina will turn red (on the bar) and the player has to wait until he/she has enough stamina. Sprinting is automatically turned off when a player reaches 0 stamina.

Name Key Stamina Consumption
Front Flip 2x W 200
Back Roll 2x S 200
Left Slide 2x A 200
Right Slide 2x D 200
Punch Q 50
Block R 0
Sprint Ctrl 39 per second

Regeneration and Upgrading


Stamina upgraded 70/100


Stamina regenerates slowly when a player isn't doing any Physical moves (excluding Blocking) and does not have full stamina. When a player dies, Stamina stops regenerating.


A player has a default of 1000 maximum stamina at 50/100 and increases by 10 every time a player upgrades it. At 100/100, a player can hold up to 1500 stamina.

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