Slime is a Superior Element and Fusion in Elemental Battlegrounds released on 19 April, 2019. Its color palette consists of cyan, ocean blue, pink, and lime green.

It is a fusion of Earth (300 Diamonds) and Acid (1300 Diamonds) with an additional fusion cost of 700 Diamonds.

The medal consists of a blob that has two swirls in the middle, resembling eyes.


Sticky Barrage
Spell 1 Type Multi Projectile Spells
Spell 1 Description "User fires multiple slime balls that create puddles of slime on impact, which can stick opponents to the ground."
Spell 1 Info Sticky Barrage is a multi-projectile spell. The user fires multiple slime balls that are affected by gravity, as is the acid rain of Acid. The projectiles finally explode in silt puddles, capable of hitting the players to the ground but causing low damage. This movement can be loaded to fire more projectiles. It consumes 300 mana and has a cooldown of 7 seconds.
Spell 1 Picture Blue acid rain
Splitting Slime
Spell 2 Type AoE Spells
Spell 2 Description "User summons a blob of slime above an area, that then falls immediately and explodes. More blobs will arc from the explosion in random directions if an opponent was hit."
Spell 2 Info Splitting Slime is a AoE spell. The user can select an area where a big ball of slime will fall. This ball will explode into many puddles of slime which deals damage and will stick players to the ground. If an opponent gets hit, they will be tripped and slime blobs will be created and target nearby players. It consumes 400 mana and has an 8 second cooldown.
Spell 2 Picture Acid blue explosion
Slime Buddies
Spell 3 Type Healing Spells
Spell 3 Description "User summons 3 immortal slimes that attack nearby players and can also be picked up by the user to heal themselves."
Spell 3 Info Slime Buddies is a healing spell which when clicked, summons 3 pink slimes at a chosen area which will stay at one spot jumping. However if you get close, the slimes will stick to you and heal you. If an enemy gets close, the slimes will stick to them and life-steal. Slimes stuck to players will eventually let go, giving them time to escape. It consumes 400 mana and has a 17 second cooldown.
Spell 3 Picture Slimebuddies
Absorbing Slime
Spell 4 Type Shielding Spells
Spell 4 Description "User summons a slime that absorbs all incoming projectiles into living slimes and slimy projectiles; it also sticks nearby opponents.
Spell 4 Info Absorbing Slime is a shielding spell. When clicked, it creates a medium sized green slime blob around you. The blob is capable of absorbing and reflecting most projectiles. When a projectile is reflected, it turns into slime blobs which copy the color of the projectile (they can even be multi-color like Spectrum) and create puddles of slime on impact. If an opponent makes contact with the shield they will get stuck to the it and then get flung away. It consumes 300 mana and has an 8 second cooldown.
Spell 4 Picture Slime shield
King Slime
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User grows a monstrous slime ball around themselves that can roll and crush other players. Crushed players stick to the slime and receive massive damage until the slime ball explodes and throws opponents away."
Spell 5 Info King Slime is an ultimate spell. The user forms a giant blob of slime around them which moves in the direction your mouse is pointing in. The slime ball can absorb players on touch and deal damage to them. As the slime ball rolls, it leaves behind puddles of slime, as well as slimes that will target players that get close to it. The slime then eventually explodes into a lot of puddles of slime that leaves blobs to attack players. It consumes 1000 mana and has a 110 second cooldown.
Spell 5 Picture Slime King


  • Most of Slime's spells came from fan-made ideas.
    • Splitting Slime comes directly from a moveset by the Idea Reviewer Medals, a person in the Discord.
    • King Slime comes from a moveset by CV, originally named Toxic Matter.
    • Absorbing Slime is loosely based off of a Shield in Medals’ moveset by the same name.
    • Slime Buddies is loosely based off of Medals’ Heal named Regenerating Goo.
  • Slime and many of its moves are based on three pieces of media:
    • Terraria, which features slimes in some parts of the game.
    • Dragon Quest, which also features slimes.
    • The anime That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, which has a main character which is a slime. Many of the slimes summoned in the moves have similarities to slimes seen in the anime.
      • See below for more similarities.
  • Absorbing Slime also converts Illusion's Ace Up The Sleeve into blobs when the owner was the one who cast it.
  • Sticky Barrage behaves similarly to Acid's Acid Rain
    • The difference between Acid Rain and Sticky Barrage is that, Sticky Barrage has smaller range and fires all projectiles at once towards the cursor's location, unlike Acid Rain which summons projectiles one by one that can be fired at multiple locations.
    • The puddles created by Sticky Barrage stick players to them, while Acid Rain's puddles deal burn damage and apply a green tint screen effect.
  • Slime Buddies was originally named “Pinkie and Her Friends” in Testing Standard before it was renamed to Slime Buddies.
    • This could possibly be a reference to the game "Terraria", in which a small pink slime named Pinky had a rare chance of spawning.
  • It lost in two polls, these being Poll 6 and Poll 7.
  • All of Slime's spells except Sticky Barrage has the word "Slime" in it.
  • Splitting Slime sometimes explodes in mid-air without touching the ground, the most common cause being using the move mid-air or over a ledge.
  • King Slime is likely a reference to the Terraria boss with the same name.
    • The player might represent the person trapped inside the King Slime boss.
  • Slime is the second element to be a non-Newtonian fluid before Lava.
  • King Slime, and the slime mobs summoned by Splitting Slime, Slime buddies, and Absorbing Slime can be avoided by using Absorbing Slime.
    • Due to the slime mobs and King Slime being solid, the slime mobs would instead be blocked and causes King Slime to jump over. Although the shield only lasts for a short duration of time.
  • This is the second element to have a lobbed bullet spell.
  • After Technology's release, King Slime became extremely underrated. The popularity of King Slime recovered days later.
  • The slime formed from King Slime is solid/collide-able so it can roll on anything, even on the lava found in the Fire Map.
  • Slime is the second element that requires a superior element to be fused, the first being Space.
  • Slime has dethroned Space as the 2nd most expensive element, therefore making it the second most expensive element, costing 2300 diamonds. The most expensive is Angel.
  • Sometimes, players caught by King Slime would have their health bars glitch/vibrate around.
  • Sticky Barrage doesn't get reflected by Gravital Globe (Gravity's Shield).
  • Slime is currently one of the two elements in the game to spawn entities to assist the caster. The other being Nightmare.
  • When absorbing Sticky Barrage, instead of appearing blue, the reflected slimes will be white.
    • The same thing happens with Somber Brisk. When reflected, they will appear white, not green or black like you expect them to.
  • Slime is one of the three elements that were released in 2019, the others being Angel and Technology.
  • Absorbing Slime cannot reflect Vortex Bomb (Technology's AOE).
  • It should be noted that Absorbing Slime is incapable of reflecting, or even blocking Time's Warp Bombs, despite them being a normal bullet, and not a beam like Angel's Divine Arrow.
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