Shards are a common currency in Elemental Battlegrounds and one of the two currencies of the game, the other one being Diamonds. They are earned by killing enemies, Drops, or leveling up and can also be bought in the Pay Store. 10 Shards are acquired per Kill. However, if you are past level 40 and go onto the standard map for newer players, you will only get 1 shard per kill. A large amount of Shards are given when leveling up (you get more shards at higher levels).

They can also be picked up as drops in Drop Zones. You get 10 shards every time you pick shards up at the Drop Zone (drop rates are doubled in Drops Heaven Map). You will also get one additional shard every time someone else picks one up if you have VIP Gamepass and 2 additional shards if you have the Premium Gamepass, giving you 3 extra shards if you have both. A light will indicate where a shard spawns for 3 seconds if you have the VIP Gamepass.

Shards drop more commonly than diamonds.


They are glowing yellowish golden items that can be acquired. They are not a perfect shape but look as if they were cut straight from rock and weren't bothered to be smoothed. It gives off a yellow glow when on the floor at the drop zone.


Currently, Shards can be used for purchasing spells for Elements, and purchasing moves in Elements. Other than that, there are no other uses for them (So far...). The Ultimate for each Element costs the most shards whereas the first move of an Element requires no shards to unlock it.

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Upon reaching max level (225) you can go to the grass mega map (not to be confused with regular grass map) and go underneath the tree, talk to the knight, and for 10,000 shards he will increase level limit so you can level up beyond level 225. level limit is 280.

Pay Store


Here are the values in the Pay Store, the place where you buy shards, diamonds, and gamepasses.

  • 200 Shards for 100 Robux
  • 600 Shards for 250 Robux
  • 1500 Shards for 500 Robux
  • 3500 Shards for 1000 Robux

In general, it is not a good idea to buy shards from the Pay Store as they are so easy to earn, though that might change in the future.

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