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Safe Zones are areas where players spawn. They are found in every map (excluding Minilovania).

They are marked with a gold ring around them, usually accompanied by a sign saying "SAFE ZONE".

Effects on the Players

Players inside a Safe Zone are granted the following:

  1. Players will be unable to cast spells inside a Safe Zone.
  2. Health will not naturally regenerate while inside a Safe Zone. However, Healing Spells used outside the Safe Zone will continue to heal the player even when inside.
  3. Players in the Safe Zone are unable to be damaged.
  4. Mana and Stamina regenerate while inside a Safe Zone.
  5. Players are also unable to be brought out by any spells except for Acid's area attack spell.


"Camping" is a term used by many players. The term "camper" is used to describe a player who stands beside a Safe Zone, casting Projectile or Multi-Projectile Spells, and entering the nearby Safe Zone whenever they are being targeted. They are sometimes very salty once they die, but when they succeed in evading you, they taunt you in the chat. They call the person who is attacking them the camper for some reason. They also go into long arguments with people over it, a lost cause.

Campers can be dragged out or knocked out using Vine, Water Tumble, Wind Cannon, or any Ultimate that pulls on players such as Gravitational Pull (however, this is no longer possible since it got patched due to player camping).

Most campers use healing spells to heal them from being killed by players. Sometimes they go outside to attack invaders and then go inside again.


"Farming" is a term normally used to definite players who protect Drop Zones, but also used to definite players who stand around a safe zone to push players from safe zones. They argue with the campers sometimes.



  • Recovery Camp Red
  • Recovery Camp Blue
  • Recovery Camp Green


  • Miracle Pond
  • Sun's Well


  • Scorchville
  • In front of Burning Town
  • Beside Burning Town


  • Far away from Turquoise Castle
  • Near Turquoise Bridge


  • Near the Forever Tree
  • Seedville
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