Rare Elements are strong elements that are capable of dealing heavy damage when used correctly. Usually, not all rare elements are used to be fused with, one example is Phoenix. They usually cost 500 - 900 diamonds. (Dragon and Nightmare converted to be Rare elements later.)

Rare Elements

There are currently 7 Rare Elements in the game.

Element Cost Strengths Weaknesses
500 Diamonds
  • Spells can do good damage
  • Area splash makes it easy to hit players
  • Very good defensive capabilities
  • Very good at close-range combat
  • Good at pushing opponents back
  • Takes long to charge
  • Slow element
  • Struggles against far range
650 Diamonds
  • Spells deal a lot of damage
  • Small area splash
  • Can hit far and medium range
  • Has protection for close range
  • Capable of blinding opponents
  • Spells take long to charge
  • Spells are easy to dodge
  • Spells leave you vunerable, especially when you miss
650 Diamonds
  • Spells deal medium-high damage while burning
  • Works very well at close and medium range
  • Versatile
  • Struggles against far range
  • Spells are very easy to dodge
  • Void of Terror leaves you vunerable against vultures


  • Spells deal very high damage
  • Spells have effects that can control opponents
  • Skeleton Swarm fires on its own
  • Spells are slow
  • Most spells have long cooldowns
  • Most spells have high mana costs
500 Diamonds
  • Spells are very good at trapping and keeping opponents from keeping distance
  • Spells also have tricky effects which make it hard for some players to fight against
  • Useful against new players
  • Spells are hard to fight with at far range
  • Spells are less offensive and require other spells from separate elements to make powerful
  • Lacks a direct high damage dealer
750 Diamonds
  • Spells provide high damage combo potential
  • Spells also have an element of burn damage, fast transportation and healing.
  • Can deal extreme amounts of damage over a wide area
  • Struggles against different height opponents when using Ash Pulse.
  • Effectiveness is reduced in buildings and broken terrain
900 Diamonds
  • Spells are very fast and confusing for opponents.
  • Multiple spells can move the user.
  • Very intimidating
  • Some spells can be hard to use correctly
  • Using Formidable Roar over and over again can give you a headache
  • Ominous Wrath is prone to glitching
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