Water Beam

Projectile Spells are a type of spell in Elemental Battlegrounds

Projectile Spells are spells that shoot either large but slow projectile(s) that have AOE or are rays. These spells deal medium-heavy damage and take time to charge.

Projectile Spells are usually in the first to third slot of an element, but this can be changed for the player's set.

Types of Projectile Spells


Blasts are Projectile Spells that have a single projectile being shot a far distance, usually in a single orb. (e.g. Great Fire Blast, Nature's Essence)


Beams are Projectile Spells that have a thinner hitbox to Blasts, but typically come out faster and elongated between the user and the area of effect. These tend to go through everything, but only explode once. They can bypass Gravity Globe. (e.g. Water Beam, Holobeam)


Forwards are Projectile Spells that do not extend out to a target, but instead attack in a set direction forward, and usually used in short range. (e.g. Articulated Spikes, Reaper's Wroth)

Elements with Projectile Spells

All elements have a Blast except Crystal, Darkness and Time. Here are the names of the spells, their abilities, their mana costs,their cooldowns and the element they belong to.

Spell name Element Spell Type Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown Time (seconds)
Great Fire Blast Blast
  • User shoots a large orange fireball that explodes on contact
  • The fireball places fire at the location of it's explosion, dealing burn damage to those who stand in the fire
  • The fireball can be ridden
250 6
Water Beam Beam
  • User shoots a beam of water that explodes on contact
  • Opponents hit will be stunned as well as damaged
  • This can be used to land more damaging spells on opponents
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
250 4
Spore Bombs Blast
  • User shoots 3 large, yellow spore bombs that explode on contact
  • Heals the user if the spore bombs hit an opponent
275 5
Articulated Spikes Forward
  • User causes spikes to rise from the ground, the spikes rise higher as they progress
  • The spikes rise towards the direction of the user's cursor location
  • Spikes deal high damage and stuns those who are hit
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell can bypass Gravital Globe
250 4
Wind Cannon


  • User fires a spiral of wind that travels a short distance towards the user's cursor location
  • The projectile can knocks back opponents
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
200 5
Lightning Bolt Beam
  • User fires a bolt of lightning that moves at a instantaneous speed, dealing medium to those who are hit by the bolt or it's explosion
  • Can stun players who are hit
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
250 5
Incinerating Burst Forward
  • User shoots a burst of flame that deals damage
  • Can stun opponents
  • Can pass through walls
350 8
Glaze Whail


  • User shoots a beam of ice that freezes players that are hit
  • Deals medium damage
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
350 8
Nature's Essence Blast
  • User fires a large green bullets that splits into yellow then red bullets as they travel
  • Players hit will take medium damage
250 4
Plasma Ray Beam
  • User fires rays of plasma that leave patches of pink fire and deals damage to players that are hit
  • Lasts for about 3 seconds
  • Has a range limit
  • Players that stand on the pink fire take burn damage
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
350 8
Vitality Abolishment Blast
  • User fires a large gray bullet that explodes on contact
  • Players near the explosion will be electrocuted and take medium damage
350 8
Gravitational Exertion Blast
  • User fires a purple bullet that explodes on contact dealing heavy damage
  • The bullet takes time to charge
  • Players hit will get sucked into the center of the explosion
  • Players near the projectile will be pulled and travel with the projectile until it despawns or hits something
250 4
Auroral Blast Beam
  • User charges up a beam of light using the sun's energy then launches it towards their cursor's location
  • A small explosion would occur upon contact
  • This spell can be charged
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
250 4
Void Bomb Blast
  • User fires a white bullet surrounded by black flames that explodes into a black beam on contact
  • Players near it would get blinded
  • This spell deals medium damage
350 9
Bloodcurling Blast Blast
  • User fires a large black skull that explodes on contact, deals medium damage to those that are hit
  • This would also stun them.
  • All colors will be temporarily inverted if players are hit.
  • Chargeable
400 8
Holobeam Beam
  • User fires several beams of colors that explode on contact and deal medium damage.
  • Beams fly towards the cursor's location and can change direction
  • This spell bypasses Gravital Globe
350 10
Black Hole Orb Forward
  • User fires a slow black orb in the direction of their cursor
  • Opponents are dragged close to the orb as it travels, until it eventually explodes, dealing medium damage
325 10
Ash Pulse Blast
  • User shoots a large mystical blue sphere, which deals high damage
  • After travelling a few studs, the large sphere breaks out into multiple smaller ones, each in a different angle. Upon contact, these spheres do less damage, however reach much further
325 6
Reapers Wroth Forward
  • User summons a portal, which shoots out an explosive fist
  • Only useful in short range, but powerful damage
275 10
Polar Projection Beam
  • User fires multiple beams that can potentially deal high damage
  • Charging the spell causes the user to fire more beams but deal less damage
350 5
Echoes Blast
  • User charges 3 different types of blasts. Known as POW Star, Shock and Burn, which all have differing effects
  • User is static during this
  • Burn type burns the opponents, the shock stuns and the POW Star flings them around
325 8
Concentrated Blast


  • User shoots a fast yellow orb, of which deals high damage and launches opponents in the air.
  • The spell also creates a crater
350 9
Order Break


  • User shoots a close range blast horizontally, damaging opponents and knocking them back fairly far
  • The closer the opponent to the blast, the more damage received
300 7
Refraction Beam
  • User summons mirrors in the air then fires a beam which bounces off the mirrors, the beam lands onto the user's cursor location, dealing medium damage to those who are hit and darkens their vision
  • Spells that produce light can still be seen by the opponent, even if they have the effect
300 6
Dragon's Ember Forward
  • User fires a burst of smoke, opponents caught in the smoke will have their screen covered in smoke, the smoke then bursts into flames, dealing medium damage and dealing burn damage to those who are hit
  • The smoky screen effect is similar to the Refraction effect from Illusion.
350 5
Corrosive Stream Blast
  • User surrounds themself in a puddle, from which they spawn and control a smaller puddle that leaves behind an acid puddle trail.
  • After a while, puddle will dissipate and deal small damage to anyone closeby, however if puddle comes in contact with opponent, it will expand into a bubble and trap them
300 10
Divine Arrow Blast User will levitate with angelic wings and create a holy bow and shoot an arrow that deal high damage and flings opponents. 400 10


Spell name Element Spell Type Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown Time (seconds)
Bone Throw Sans Blast
  • User throws a fast spinning bone which damages opponents
250 5