"A game pass for the game's biggest supporters. Expensive pass, but I gotta pay for college somehow"

Premium is a Gamepass in Elemental Battlegrounds that grant special perks to players. It is the most expensive Gamepass in the game.


  • Players get two times the amount of diamonds every time they pick up diamonds on the ground.
  • Two times experience (three, if the player also owns VIP).
  • Your chat color changes to red.
  • A light will indicate the location of a diamond when one spawns for three seconds.
  • 2 times shard value (get 20 per pick up instead of 10, 30 if the player also owns VIP).
  • Gets two shards every time someone else picks up a shard (gets three if the player also owns VIP).
  • Lowers the ultimate cooldown when players spawn.
  • Gives Premium users a 'Premium Group' role in the Discord server (name is in red).
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