A Party is a feature in Elemental Battlegrounds. It allows players to form a team of which creates Allies to aid you in battle. When in a party, you will be unable to hurt the other players in the party, so that you can effectively work together with no drawbacks. You can still damage your party member by punching (Q) them.

The maximum number of people who can be in a party are 5 (including the party creator). Parties are only temporary groups of people in the game, the party can be disbanded if the party creator left, joined a map or removed the party.

Some spells can't or can still affect your opponents, but will not ether damage them too. Parties also show the health of a party member, so this alarms any party member that a party member is about to die.

The party creator has the ability to left the party and kick players out of it. While party members have the only power to leave.