Consecutive Fire Bullets

Multi-projectile spells are a type of spell in Elemental Battlegrounds.

These spells allow the user to shoot multiple projectiles, unlike projectile spells. Because of this, if you miss one, there’s always more chances for you to hit your victim. These spells, however, do less damage per bullet than projectile spells but more damage overall if most of them hit the opponent.

Types of Multi Projectile spells


The most common type of Multi-Projectiles spells, Bullets are spells that shoot more than one small projectile at a player in a chosen direction. (e.g. Poison Needles, Flurry Heave) Some kinds of bullets are affected by gravity.


A similar type of spell to a few Field 'Select' spells, where multiple projectiles are instead rained down upon in a selected area. (e.g. Empyrean Rain, Bones Rain)


A similar type of spell to Projectile 'Forward' spells, where multiple attacks are shot out in a straight line (e.g. Lightning Barrage)


Type of spell that can aim their bullets at any given direction, but can't be aimed at any angle. (e.g Wind Tornadoes)

Lobbed Shots

The type of spell that lobs projectiles towards a certain direction, mostly impossible to dodge. (e.g Acid Rain, Sticky Barrage)

Elements with Multi Projectile spells

All elements so far have Multi projectie spells in their spell set other than Nature, Gravity, Void, Phoenix, Reaper and Explosion

Spell Name Element Spell Type Effect Mana Consumption Cooldown Time


Consecutive Fire Bullets Bullet
  • User shoots multiple fire bullets that each deal a small amount of damage
  • Players near the landing area of the bullets will receive burn damage
  • Chargeable
200 4
Water Stream Bullet
  • User shoots multiple water bullets, each dealing small damage
  • Chargeable
250 7
Poison Needles Bullet
  • User shoots multiple purple poison needles that each deal a small amount of damage
  • Players hit by needles will be stunned
  • Needles will stick onto the ground
  • Needles will not explode
  • Chargeable
150 6
Wind Tornadoes


  • User launches 6 wind tornadoes that deal moderate damage to those who are hit
  • Tornadoes also knock people down
  • Chargeable
300 8
Lightning Barrage Lined
  • User fires multiple bolts of lightning in a straight line
  • This spell can be charged to launch further
  • Chargeable
350 7
Rock Avalanche Bullet
  • User creates rocks to fling at enemies
  • Can potentially deal huge amounts of damage
  • Projectiles will slide on the ground as opposed to blowing up
  • Projectiles only explode upon contact with another player
  • Spell is chargeable
200 7
Scorching Basalt Bullet
  • User fires multiple lava bullets that explode upon contact and damage nearby players
  • The explosions leave pools of lava that will burn opponents standing on them
  • Spell is chargeable
200 6
Flurry Heave


  • User fires multiple ice bullets that deal damage on contact with nearby players
  • This spell is chargeable
150 2
Plasma Missiles Bullet
  • User fires plasma bullets that go in the direction of the user's cursor and deal damage
  • Deals burn damage to those who have been hit by the bullets
  • User loses control of the bullets if they get too far
  • Chargeable
300 7
Lucid Rift Bullet
  • User fires a series of crystals in a 5 pattern on a dice that explode on contact dealing medium damage
  • This spell is chargeable
200 4
Vigor Gyration Bullet
  • User hovers orbs above them and fires them towards the cursor's location
  • This can potentially deal high damage
  • This spell is chargeable
200 4
Orbs of Enlightenment Bullet
  • User hovers light orbs in the air then fires them
  • This spell can potentially deal heavy damage, over 500 damage
  • User is stuck in one place while charging
  • This spell is chargeable
300 9
Somber Brisk Bullet
  • User launches multiple dark missiles that each deal low damage but can deal higher damage if stacked
  • Missiles apply a burn/poison effect to enemies hit that starts dealing low damage but begins dealing higher damage over time
  • Chargeable
250 5
Horrifying Heads Bullet
  • User shoots a series of skulls that will explode upon contact
  • Can potentially deal a lot of damage
  • Heals user on hit
  • Chargeable
250 5
Rainbowifier Maximizer
  • User shoots different colored bullets that explode on contact, dealing low damage each.
  • Each color of bullets has a special effect. See here
  • Chargeable (Longer the charge, the more accurate the bullets are)
350 7
Warp Bombs Bullet
  • User shoots multiple fast shining white balls that can stick onto things including players.
  • On the player's command (E key), the balls explode and deal low damage singularly, though the damage can stack
  • Explodes automatically after 10 seconds
250 5-15 (5+ the time you choose to detonate the bombs)
Asteroid Belt Bullet
  • User summons multiple asteroids above their head in a ring. Asteroids are then sent in the direction of the cursor, each one dealing low damage.
  • Charging the spell causes more asteroids to appear
300 7
Empyrean Rain Rain
  • User fires rainbow lights from above that damage opponents.
350 6
Howling Chain Bullet
  • User summons 5 harmonic chains that are chained together.
  • It creates a siren sound. and it can be controlled with the mouse cursor.
350 6
Chaos Zone Bullet
  • User shoots multiple black orbs in the area surrounding them, after a short delay, the orbs glow pinkish red and fly towards the cursor's location
350 10
Ace Up The Sleeve Bullet
  • The user fires zig-zagging playing cards towards the cursor's locations that deal low damage each
  • Opponents hit by the cards will have their movement controls temporarily altered.
  • Each projectile deals 99-103 damage.
200 5
Soaring Upheaval


  • User grows wings and glides a short distance firing two projectiles that deal medium damage
  • The opponent's camera shakes if near the explosion of the projectiles
450 6
Acid Rain


  • User fires 5 acidic bullets with heavy weight that create acid puddles that each split apart into 4 more bullets after hitting the ground that create even more puddles.
  • These pools deal acidic damage, as well as affect the opponents' screens.
300 7
Quill Daggers
  • User will grow angel wings and leap backwards shooting quills/feathers form its wings that chase opponents and deal medium damage
250 7
Sticky Barrage


  • User shoots slimy bullets at the same time that creates puddles that trap players in "slime webs"
300 7


Spell Name Element Spell Type Effect Mana Consumption Cooldown Time


Bones Rain Rain
  • User summons fast bones that rain from the sky towards the cursor's location
300 7
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