Minilovania is currently the latest, and essentially a secret, map based off on the popular game Undertale. It was released during the Battle Arena Event.

Upon entering the map, players automatically obtain the Element Sans.



This area covers the entire map. The sky is always dark, and the ground has bluish-greenish grass.



Grillby's is a red-bricked building located somewhere in Minilovania. Inside is a bar that also acts as the map's Drop Zone.


  • This is the only map to have a teleporter that can be found on another map.
    • Overall, this is the only map where the player can't access it using the Menu.
  • This is the smallest map in the game.
  • As the new Menu is added, where when you clicked the Menu again and clicked Play, it will teleport you to the map selected.
  • This is the only map that has no Safe Zones.
  • The map's name Minilovania is a contrasted parody to the name of the famous Undertale track Megalovania.