The Menu Page is the page that you can use when starting up the game, there are many mechanics in the menu.



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The play option can be selected by clicking the top button with the word PLAY inscribed on it. The player would now be shown in 3rd person perspective of his own body and can move and cast spells. It is possible to move and cast spells in the menu page but it is harder to aim and control. Most of the time you would not be able to see yourself in the menu. This option was removed and replaced with the map list in the menu update.

Maps and Gamemodes

The change map buttons allows the player to change map. The player would be able to select from nine different maps (including the one they're currently in right now). The player would be transferred to another server with their chosen map if they clicked Play. The chosen map is marked in green (Players need to level up to get a new map.

Available maps

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is a game mode where you fight zombies. Click on the Survival mode icon and it will start flashing red, click it again you will then be taken to the Survival mode.

Joining Friends

Join Friends, theoretically allows the player to join his or her friends currently online and playing this game. The list only shows friends who are in a server of the same map that you are in. For example, if you are in a standard map and your friend is in a fire map, your friend will not be shown unless you go to a fire map before opening the list. The back button sends the player back to Menu. Before the revamp update, this is currently known as an option, yet not functional.

Gift Box


The gift box allows players to collect diamonds every day. A player receives five diamonds a day or ten if they are in Gamer Robot club. When the gift is collected, the gift box would have an open animation and a +10 or +5 text will be floating atop it for a few seconds. (Daily rewards used to be worth 10 diamonds, or 20 diamonds for members of Gamer Robot, but there were lowered/nerfed in June 2018 to be half of what they used to be). Unfortunately, they were disabled on February 8th 2019 to "fix a problem with them". The gift box is presumed discontinued.


The music option allows the player to mute the music, but not the in-game sounds (i.e. bullets). Clicking it would mute the music and a cross would go over the speaker symbol.



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