Mana is a blue magical substance that is used to cast spells. Each spell consumes a different amount of mana. The amount of mana that a player has can be seen on the blue bar of gameplay screen on the bottom. The maximum amount of mana a player has can be upgraded.

Mechanics and Regeneration


Mana will be automatically depleted when you use a spell(A Spectrum move can also deplete mana). The bar would turn partly red if the player casting the spell does not have enough mana.


Mana is slowly regenerated over time, approximately 52 per second. A player cannot have more mana than the maximum amount he/she has, which can be upgraded. Mana will stop regenerating when it reaches maximum. When a player dies, their mana would stop regenerating. When the player respawns, mana would be full again.



Mana upgraded to 70/100

Mana can be upgraded up to 1500 at mana. At 50/100 (default), a player would have 1000 mana. Mana upgrades by 10 mana points each time.

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