This article is about the map. For the Element, see Light.

Light is one of the maps in Elemental Battlegrounds.


"Luminescent Desert"

Luminescent Desert is a vast, seemingly endless, desert. It almost never rains; even the clouds are the same color as sand. There is somehow civilization, though the towns always thirst. Despite the dry and hot environment, there are actually bodies of water, though not enough to satisfy civilization.

"Miracle Pond"

Miracle Pond is an oasis near Shining Village. The pond provides the small village a water supply and vegetation, making it one of the map's Safe Zones.

"Sun's Well"

Sun's Well is another oasis located near Sun Town. Like Miracle Pond, Sun's Well provides the town a decent water supply and vegetation, making it one of the map's Safe Zones.


"Shining Village"

Shining Village is a small village located near Miracle Pond.

"Sun Town"

Sun Town is another village located near Sun's Well.

"Tomb of Rebirth"

Tomb of Rebirth is a pyramid located the furthest away from Shining Village and Sun Town. It is unknown who built it, or how it was built.

Pyramid Mural

Wizard's Drawing

"Wizard's Drawing"

Wizard's Drawing is a series of hieroglyphs found within the Tomb of Rebirth. It is unknown what the mural depicts, but one possibility is that the mural depicts medals for possible future elements. Diamonds and Shards can be found, making it the map's Drop Zone, but it is unknown why or how.


  • The map is regarded as having the best Drop Zone when grinding for Diamonds.
  • The Tomb of Rebirth building resembles the Eye of Providence, otherwise known as the notorious Illuminati.
  • The Wizard's Drawing is one of the three locations on which each location a scroll could be found when the Sound element had to be obtained through a quest.
  • The thing above the entrance of the Tomb of Rebirth is an item in Roblox; the Eye of Ra.
  • The Tomb of Rebirth is the most farmed drop zone due to best Diamond drops; people even claim that it's better than the Drops Heaven map.
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