Illusion is a Superior Fusion Element in Elemental Battlegrounds.

The medal consists of a red outline colored with silver. The center consists of the Penrose triangle, a popular optical illusion.

Illusion is an element made to confuse the opponent. As simple as it may look, due to its low damage, this element requires various skill assets in order to use it correctly. The element is also very flexible and versatile, as it does not have much mobility.

It is a fusion between Nature (450 diamonds) and Time (500 diamonds) with an extra 777 more diamonds needed; costing 1727 diamonds overall.


Illusion is mostly a defensive tricky Element, being able to trick players and limit their mobility. Moves like Ace Up The Sleeve can reverse the victim’s controls, and Trichotomy creates 2 other clones of yourself to confuse the players. If one plans to use this element, remember that this element is not planned to be used offensively, as the damage is really low. The learning curve for this element is extremely high, as using this element effectively heavily relies on the caster’s ability to take advantage of the debuffs and tricks played on the victims using more damaging spells.


Ace Up The Sleeve
Spell 1 Type Multi-projectile
Spell 1 Description "User fires zigzagging playing cards to deal low damage that also alters players' ability to move."
Spell 1 Info The user summons playing cards that deal 99-103 damage upon impact and reverses the controls of enemies it hits for 4 seconds. This spell costs 200 Mana.
Spell 1 Picture
Ace up the Sleeve
Spell 2 Type Transportation
Spell 2 Description "User fires a beam that reflects off multiple mirrors that deal medium damage and create a dense darkness around their opponent."
Spell 2 Info The caster becomes a beam of light, then dashes forward in a random direction while creating 2 clones of themself that copy every movement the real caster does. The clones disappear after a few seconds. This spell costs 204 Mana to execute.
Spell 2 Picture
Spell 3 Type Projectile
Spell 3 Description "User fires a beam that reflects off multiple mirrors that deal medium damage and create a dense darkness around their opponent."
Spell 3 Info The caster summons mirrors into the air and shoots a red beam that reflects upon hitting these mirrors, eventually hitting the desired target area. When hit, the victim is blinded and knocked back. This move costs 300 Mana.
Spell 3 Picture
Illusive Atake
Spell 4 Type AoE
Spell 4 Description "User's mouse cursor is used to spawn a clone of themselves and any opponent that approaches it will be damaged and pulled toward the original casting location."
Spell 4 Info The caster summons an unmoving clone on the tapped location. Opponents that get close enough will be dealt a tiny bit of damage and get teleported to the original casting area. 206 Mana is needed to execute this move.
Spell 4 Picture
Illusive Atake
Ethereal Acumen
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "An intense presence of energy is used to darken the world and a 4D creation that will slowly deal high damage to all surrounding players."
Spell 5 Info The caster flies into the air and summons a tesseract (4-D Cube), teleporting any players in the range to the 4th dimension. The victims’ screens will be darkened as they spin around the tesseract, being gradually damaged by cards that also spin around. This spell costs 1000 Mana.
Spell 5 Picture


Ace Up The Sleeve

The idiom "ace up the sleeve" means a surprise, or secret advantage. This matches the spell Ace Up The Sleeve, which reverses the victims' controls, thus gaining the user advantage.


The term trichotomy refers to a division into three. The spell Trichotomy splits the user into three separate clones, thus making the spell's name fitting.


The term refraction refers to the bending of light, much like the spell Refraction, which also bends a beam of light down towards an opponent.

Illusive Atake

Illusive is an adjective for illusion, which means something that seems to be there, but is not. The term atake means to overtake. The combining of illusive and atake would mean to overtake by tricking someone, hence the spell's name.

Ethereal Acumen

The term ethereal means extraordinary, or strange, while an acumen would mean a depth of perception or sense. The spell Ethereal Acumen rips open a window to a fourth-dimensional realm, in comparison to the terms' definitions.

Explanation Behind the Fusion

It is currently unknown as to how Nature and Time make Illusion. One possibility is that the "Nature" part in the Fusion refers to the natural optical illusions. The fact that Time is also required, however, suggests that this "Illusion" Element refers to space and time.


  • Illusion was suggested on the 7th poll, and while not winning, it came second place after Chaos and was highly requested among the Discord community.
  • Ethereal Acumen is very unique by itself, as it's the first spell that supposedly uses the "fourth dimension", and takes complete control of the camera.
  • In fact, the element is based on four dimensions and solitaire.
  • Trichotomy can be used to confuse people charging Divine Arrow.