Ice is a Common Fusion Element in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its color palette consist of white and light blue, its medal depicts a shard of ice. 

Ice is a trap magic, capable of stunning and freezing. Its moves are effective at both close ranged and a distance. 

This Element can be obtained by fusing Water (150 Diamonds) and Wind (300 Diamonds).


Note: Damage was tested with 50 Power on a player with 50 defense.

Flurry Heave

  • Flurry Heave (uncharged)
  • Flurry Heave (charged)

"User throws magic ice projectiles at targets which each deal medium damage."

  • Flurry Heave is a Multi-Projectile Spell. The user kneels down and throws 7 (13 if fully charged) white projectiles at the position of their mouse cursor, each projectile deals 33 damage.
    • It consumes 175 Mana, and has a 2-second cooldown.

Frozen Incursion

Frozen incursion

Frozen Incursion

"User freezes opponents and then throws high damage ice shards at their target."

  • Frozen Incursion is a Contact Spell. The user grabs the nearest opponent and stuns them, dealing 80 damage, the user then rises into the air and throws about 15-16 ice shards at the opponent, each shard deals 11 damage, doing a total of about 245-265 damage. The user is unable to move or use other spells during the duration of the spell. If there is no enemy within the user's range when the spell is cast, nothing will happen and the spell will immediately consume Mana and enter cooldown.
    • It costs 200 Shards, consumes 350 Mana, and has a 10-second cooldown.

Glaze Whail

Glaze Whail

Glaze Whail (charged)

"User fires a medium damage blast that will freeze opponents."

  • Glaze Whail is a beam Projectile Spell. The user fires a beam of ice at their mouse cursor's position, dealing a total of about 151-152 damage (about 125-126 from the explosion, 13 over time) to any enemy that was hit, along with freezing them, which will lock them in place and make them unable to use spells. Charging the spell will increase its range and its total damage to about 203-206 (about 164-166 from the explosion, 13 over time). The user can move around while charging the spell, but they will be stuck in place for a short period once the beam has been fired.
    • It costs 300 Shards, consumes 350 Mana, and has an 8-second cooldown.

Perilous Hail

  • Perilous Hail (ground)
  • Perilous Hail (air)

"User creates a platform of ice beneath nearby players that deals medium damage and will knock them down."

  • Perilous Hail is an AoE Spell. The user creates a square of ice beneath them that will quickly expand in size, dealing 250 damage to enemies, along with knocking them back and tripping them. If the user is high enough from the ground when the spell is cast, they'll release a sphere of ice instead, doing 150 damage to enemies and blinding them.
    • It costs 400 Shards, consumes 300 Mana, and has a 6-second cooldown.

Vehement Blizzard (Ultimate)

Vehement Blizzard

Vehement Blizzard

"User creates a huge ice crystal explosion that will deal high damage and freeze surrounding players."

  • Vehement Blizzard is Ice's Ultimate. The user creates a large symbol under them that depicts Ice's medal, surrounds themselves with ice crystals and a large column of ice, and causes the area around them to snow, before releasing a massive explosion that will freeze enemies within the explosion radius, doing 65 damage to them over time up to a total of 520 damage, the explosion will also turn the ground white. The user is stuck in place for the duration of the Ultimate.
    • It costs 500 Shards, consumes 1000 Mana, and has a 75-second cooldown.


  • Somewhere around July 2018, Vehement Blizzard played high pitched sped-up music, probably a track from the Frozen movie.
  • Sometimes, Vehement Blizzard won't turn the ground white.
  • Flurry Heave once had the shortest cooldown and lowest Mana cost of all Multi Projectile Spells, until it was dethroned by Technology's Hyperang.
  • The falling snow created by Vehement Blizzard actually falls from an invisible ceiling that is solid and can be collided with.
  • Ice is one of the many Elements brought back into Elemental Battlegrounds from Elemental Wars.
  • Ice is the first element to directly change the base material of the floor (if not used on Sand).
  • Ice is the first Element to have two options for a spell.

Other Media

Vehement Blizzard aftermath

Aftermath of Vehement Blizzard


The symbol that appears in Ice's spells when they're cast.

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