Gleaming Harmony

Healing Spells are a type of Spell in Elemental Battlegrounds

These spells provide Health replenishment for you and nearby members in your party. Most healing spells are unable to do damage other than Deprived Eradication and Slime Buddies. Healing spells also have usually long cooldowns, varying from 6 to 17 seconds.

These spells are found in the 3rd and 4th slot of an element, but this can be changed for the player's set.

Elements with Healing Spells

There are only 5 elements so far with Healing Spells.

Spell Name Element Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
Nature's Blessing
  • User gradually heals themselves and party members with 10 health over 8 seconds.
400 16
Gleaming Harmony
  • User creates crystal that heals themself and party members as long as they are beneath it
400 8
Scintillant Rejuvenation
  • User absorbs sunlight to heal large amounts of health.
  • Maximum heal is 250 health, while minimum is 100.
  • User is unable to move while healing.
  • This move is chargable, each second charging this spell would result in a flash of light
  • Maximum charge is 11 seconds, which guarantees 250 health rejuvenated
  • User can't use spells while using the healing move.
450 12
Deprived Eradication
  • User steals health from players caught in the green pillar, damaging them while healing themselves, but can only heal a maximum of 250 health.
  • This can be charged
350 10
Slime Buddies
  • User summons 3 jumping slime balls that stick on the caster and heals 11 damage over time
  • If the balls grab in an opponent they will lifesteal
400 17
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