Grass is one of the three Starter Elements in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its color palette consists of green, purple, and beige, its medal depicts a leaf.

Grass is a medium to long-range magic, with several projectile spells, as well as a unique spell that can reel players in and many others that can stun them heavily. Some of its spells also have leeching properties, allowing the user to heal off of their attacks.

Grass costs 150 Diamonds if it is not a player's starting Element


Grass is an element that requires precision and aim skill. For most spells have tiny hitboxes. But if you hit one of the spells you will be rewarded greatly. Poison Needles stun for up to 3 seconds, and Vine grabs your target and pulls them towards you while you heal. It's moves are devastating and can really leave any player (no matter the level) on their last limb.

Note: Damage was tested with 50 Power on a player with 50 Defense

The more defence a player has the less damage they take; The more power the players has the more damage they deal.


Spore Bombs
Spell 1 Type Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User shoots 3 large spore bombs that deal a low amount of damage each but will heal the caster if they hit their opponent."
Spell 1 Info Shoots 3 beige bombs that explode upon impact with any solid object (except when colliding with some other spells, in which they dissipate harmlessly). Each bomb deals 90 damage upon impact (up to a total of 270 damage) and heal the caster 30 health points per bomb per opponent hit. It consumes 300 Mana, has a 5-second cooldown, and gives the caster 30 experience every time it has been cast.
Spell 1 Picture Spore Bomb
Poison Needles
Spell 2 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 2 Description "User quickly fires several poison needles that do a low amount of damage and deliver a stun."
Spell 2 Info Rapidly fires a barrage of 20 (40 if fully charged) purple needles that move at extremely fast speed, tripping those who collide with them momentarily. Tripping effect stacks with each needle, which is also able to suspend targets in the air. The needles will dissipate harmlessly like Spore Bombs if they collide with certain spells. Each needle deals 20 damage. It costs 75 Shards, consumes 150 Mana, has a 5-second cooldown, takes about 1 second to fully charge, and gives the caster 15 experience every time it has been cast.
Spell 2 Picture Poison Needles (uncharged)-0 Poison Needles
Spell 3 Type Transportation
Spell 3 Description "User creates a vine to pull users towards them, which damages the player and heals the caster."
Spell 3 Info Shoots out a vine that pulls the caster to any solid object (that isn't a spell) it hits. If the vine hits a player first, it will damage and drag the player towards the caster (or fling the target behind you). The vine deals 125 damage and heals the caster upon successfully hitting an enemy (the spell heals a minimum of 10 health points and a maximum of 100, the amount of health regained increases the further the enemy is from the caster). It costs 100 Shards, consumes 300 Mana, has a 7-second cooldown, takes about 1 second to fully charge, and gives the caster 30 experience every time it has been cast.
Spell 3 Picture Poison Needles-0 Vine
Leaf Storm
Spell 4 Type AoE
Spell 4 Description "User creates a tornado of leaves that can be pointed in the direction of their mouse cursor that deals medium damage and throws users into the air."
Spell 4 Info Summons a storm of leaves and shoots it into the direction of the caster's mouse cursor. Will throw all players it collides with into the air as well as tripping them for about 3 seconds. Can block some projectiles. Deals 250 damage. It costs 125 Shards, consumes 300 Mana, has a 7-second cooldown, and gives the caster 30 experience every time it has been cast.
Spell 4 Picture Leaf Storm
Poison Bombs Barrage
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User flies into the air to throw poisonous bombs that deal high amounts of damage and issue a stun to those who are hit."
Spell 5 Info Rises into the air in 2 seconds and throws 3 purple bombs at the position of the caster's mouse cursor. Projectiles are affected by gravity. Caster can be lower than usual, caused by movement locking spells and the environment. Upon impact with any object, explodes into a dense cloud of purple gas, which stuns all enemies within. The bombs will dissipate harmlessly upon contact with certain spells. Each bomb deals 170 damage, the gas left behind deals 10 damage over time (totaling up to 610-620 damage). It costs 150 Shards, consumes 1000 Mana, has an 80-second cooldown, and gives the caster 100 experience every time it has been cast.
Spell 5 Picture Poison Bombs Barrage


Fusion Element Element 1 Element 2 Overall cost of getting the fusion element (diamonds)
150 + 300 = 450
150 + 300 = 450


  • Poison Bombs Barrage is a fairly fast ultimate. Use it in the heat of combat and many will be unable to react in time.
  • You can pull allies with Vine. If needed, pull them out of any messy situation.
  • If you see someone use Inertia and engage, use Vine and unwillingly flag someone else to deal with them.
  • You can adjust the aim of Leaf Storm at literally the last second, ensuring your enemies can never escape it.
  • Players will be devoid of stun after the first bounce from leaf storm, so plan accordingly.
  • You get healed for each person you hit with Spore Bombs, so try to hit large clusters to recover lost health.
  • You shoot a lot of Poison Needles, so make sure you keep your cursor on the enemy.
  • You can use Vine to pull players out of the safe zone.


  • Grass' symbol originated from Great Tree Arc Element from Elemental Wars.
    • Grass is the only Starter Element to have not appeared in Elemental Wars otherwise
  • Grass has the highest damaging Multi-Projectile spell.
  • Spore Bombs is the first and only Projectile spell so far that has the potential to steal health from opponents.
  • Using Vine on opponents in safe zones will drag them out.
  • Vine is the first travelling spell that heals the caster.

Other Images and Videos

Dragging Vine

Dragging someone out of the safe zone using Vine



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