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Fire is one of the maps in Elemental Battlegrounds.


"Burning Wastelands"

This area that makes up nearly the entire map is mostly rocky, with unnaturally red grass. The sky seems polluted with ash and smoke, and a small volcano with lava can be found nearby.

"Hell's Crater"

The infamous pit of lava known as Hell's Crater is located halfway to Mount Hellfire. It is outlined by obsidian and ash.

"Mount Hellfire"

Near the end of the Burning Wastelands is Mount Hellfire. This landmark is a huge volcano that is also the most notable landmark of the map.

"Magma Sea"

Despite the hot and nearly unstable environment, there is actually a large body of water that seemingly makes up the sea.



Scorchville is a small village that makes up as one of the Safe Zones.

"Scorchville Docks"

This landmark within Scorchville leads out into the Magma Sea.

"Burning Town"

Burning Town is located within the Burning Wastelands, halfway from Scorchville to Mount Hellfire. This landmark is the biggest town in the map.

"Shrine of the Destroyers"

If the player enters the cave, they will come across a monastery known as the Shrine of the Destroyers. Inside, there are banners that depict the Element Fire's medals.

"The Oilfields"

There is a quarry near Mount Hellfire known as the Oilfields. The Oilfields consist of dredges and mining sectors that extract numerous resources, including Diamonds and Shards, usually from Mount Hellfire. This quarry also makes up the Drop Zone of the map.


  • This is the only map where players can die by environmental causes, which is lava.
  • The safe zone of Scorchville Docks is currently glitched, as the players still have the perks past the golden ring.
  • The Shrine of the Destroyers is one of the three locations on which each location a scroll could be found when the Sound element had to be obtained through a quest.
  • Drop zone shards can end up behind an invisible wall, and don't spawn inside the compound fence.
  • Around April-May 2019, a few groups of three green squares were added to the Fire map.
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