Fire is one of the three Starter elements in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its color palette consists of Red, Orange and Yellow. It's medal depicts a wavy flame/fire.

Fire is a distance magic based on heavy damage with a burning effect in most of its spells, which consist of a mixture of fast and slow attacks.

Fire costs 150 Diamonds if it is not a player's starting element.


Fire is an element focused on heavy hits with slow yet reliable damage, allowing its user to do huge amounts of damage in a short amount of time, while almost simultaneously having a power advantage over other starter elements, whether they're stalling, or trying to push past an opponent. It is the heaviest damage dealer out of the initial three elements, but lacks speed compared to the other two. Furthermore, fire offers one of the more unique sets of play-style with its intriguing spells. Spells like Flame Body make you stronger and more speedy, while most of the other spells leave some type of lingering fire that would be useful to trap opponents in. Due to this, in order to be an effective fire user, the learning curve is fairly steep if one wants to utilize its potential at its peak.


Consecutive Fire Bullets
Spell 1 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User fires low damage fire bullets that turn the area they touch on fire."
Spell 1 Info This spell fires out 10-20 fire bullets that each deal 20-30 damage, with its lingering fire effect dealing a total of 15-20 damage. The spell can be charged for a few seconds to shoot more bullets. It consumes 200 Mana and has a 4-second cooldown, giving the player 20 exp every time it has been cast.
Spell 1 Picture Consecutive Fire Bullets
Great Fire Blast
Spell 2 Type Projectile
Spell 2 Description "User creates a high damage fireball that results in a wall of fire on impact"
Spell 2 Info A medium-speed fireball is fired, creating an explosion that deals around 300-438 damage. It leaves behind a lingering fire that will do burn damage, If the caster takes a step forward and jumps while the spell is casting, the caster mounts the fireball and can ride it over a long distance. This spell consumes 250 Mana with a 7-second cooldown. It gives the player 25 experience every time it has been cast.
Spell 2 Picture
Great Fire Blast
Riding a Great Fire Blast
Blaze Column
Spell 3 Type Select
Spell 3 Description "Users' mouse cursor erupts in a column of fire that deals a medium amount of damage and issues a quick stun"
Spell 3 Info A fire column erupts on the selected area, stunning and burning players hit by it, dealing 150-250 damage on initial impact & 15-25 burn damage that reduces by half every second until the burn damage dealt is less than 1. It consumes 300 mana and has a 10-second cooldown. It gives the player 30 exp every time it has been cast.
Spell 3 Picture Blaze Column
Flame Body
Spell 4 Type Body
Spell 4 Description "User transforms on fire and becomes unable to take burn damage. While on fire, your moves will be stronger and damaging other players or receiving damage from opponents will result in a speed boost"
Spell 4 Info The player’s avatar turns a goldish color, increasing damage by around 32%, and giving the caster a speed boost whenever they deal or take damage. The caster will not be able to take burn damage from lingering fire. This consumes 400 mana with the buff lasting for 30 seconds and a total cooldown of 50 seconds. Every casting gives the player 40 exp.
Spell 4 Picture Flame Body
Hell’s Core
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User begins erupting multiple columns of fire leading up to an obliterating fire explosion that deals massive damage"
Spell 5 Info A large circle is summoned under the caster, releasing flames that appear around them (cosmetic). Columns of fire erupt, and after 5 seconds, a massive explosion occurs, dealing 350-600 dmg, with the burn doing an additional 50-70 damage per half a second. This consumes 1000 mana and has a 90 second cooldown. It gives the player 100 exp for every casting.
Spell 5 Picture Hell's Core


  • The Great Fire Blast was the first spell developed and completed in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its riding feature was intentionally implemented, and will remain a feature in the future. "Fireball was the first ever move created in Elemental Battlegrounds, and we discovered the riding "feature" and intentionally left it in the game, yes." - mygame43.
  • As of 2019, the sound effects of Fire, Water and other elements have it sound effect changed.
  • Due to how projectiles are handled in Roblox, spells like Great Fire Blast and Consecutive Fire Bullets could slightly move their target or trip them, depending on the angle the projectile hits.
  • If you aim directly at your feet on a completely flat surface using Great Fire Blast, the fireball won't explode upon being cast and will continuously glitch up and down. Standing on top of the glitching fireball will fling you into the sky.
  • Fire was brought back into Elemental Battlegrounds from Elemental Wars.
  • Some people think that flame body is useless, because it doesn't do fire proof likely.
  • For some reason, on the Discord server's banner, there is the Fire God medal from Elemental Wars (which is brighter than the normal Fire medal) instead of the actual Fire medal.


Fusion Element Element 1 Element 2 Overall cost of getting the fusion element (diamonds)
150 + 300 = 450
150 + 300 = 450


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