Explosion is a Superior Element in Elemental Battlegrounds.

The medal's color palette is orange, yellow, and red. The center consists of an explosion with a swirl in the middle, hence the element's name.

It works at best with close range, though also has defensive capabilities, while also allowing spells that can control the distance of the battle fairly consistently.

It is a purchasable element that costs 1100 Diamonds.


Explosion is more specialized in damage, for example, Concentrated Blast deals lots of damage and the spell Combustion is good in protecting the caster but hard to use. Explosive Leap can be used in dodging combos or other attacks, and Consecutive Explosions is underrated but a fairly powerful AoE spell. Despite being very powerful, this element is hard to use, especially in aiming.


Concentrated Blast
Spell 1 Type Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User casts a strong blast that will make a crater on the surface below."
Spell 1 Info Concentrated Blast is a Projectile Spell, of which the caster shoots a glowing orange sphere leaving a trail of aesthetic fire behind as it travels. Upon contact with the ground, it produces an explosion which deals a significant amount of damage and produces a crater that can be walked on. The spell is even able to launch opponents into the air fairly far away, knocking them off balance. In addition, it possesses a large area of effect, though a narrow hit-box. The crater will not appear when this spell has hit some wall. It consumes 350 Mana and has a 9 second cooldown.
Spell 1 Picture
Concentrated Blast-1
Consecutive Explosions
Spell 2 Type AoE
Spell 2 Description "User selects multiple areas where a delayed explosive will detonate."
Spell 2 Info Consecutive Explosions is a Close-Range Spell, in which the user summons 7 white non-damaging explosions from the air as indicators, to which then spawn 7 separate small but powerful explosions. This indicators are set within a second and their positions are controlled by the user's cursor direction. The user is also able to move while using this spell. It consumes 275 Mana and has an 8 second cooldown.
Spell 2 Picture
Consecutive Explosions
Explosive Leap
Spell 3 Type Transportation
Spell 3 Description "User will transported forward, backward, or upward depending on their movement direction and create an explosion beneath them in the process."
Spell 3 Info Explosive Leap is a Travelling Spell, where the caster leaps and deploys a falling bomb below them, that appears to propel the caster forward. The direction in which the caster leaps depends on which direction the caster is actively moving towards. If the caster walks forward, the caster leaps forward and sets an explosion on the last position the caster was. The same thing will happen if the caster is walking backward but instead, the caster will leap backward. If the caster is not moving at all, they just jump slightly higher upward and create the explosion beneath them. If anyone is caught in the explosion, they will take a small amount of damage, along with a minor stun. It consumes 225 Mana and has a 4 second cooldown.
Spell 3 Picture
Explosive Leap-0
Spell 4 Type Shield
Spell 4 Description "User quickly absorbs all projectiles and uses the damage from those projectiles to create a stronger close-range explosion."
Spell 4 Info Combustion is a Shielding Spell, in which the caster absorbs all the projectiles under a medium-sized white sphere, then under a short delay, creates an close-range explosion. When the spell does not absorb any projectiles, it creates an area of effect similar to Concentrated Blast that deals small damage. However, when the spell absorbs its maximum amount, the explosion deals almost 2.5x the amount of damage and increases in the size of the area of effect and while also it's damage increases depends on how also the absorbed spell damages. This spell is able to absorb most Projectile, Some Transportation spells (Water Tumble) and Multi-Projectile spells, as well as being able to absorb them in mid-air or on land. It consumes 275 Mana and has a 7 second cooldown.
Spell 4 Picture
  • Combustion (Uncharged)
  • Combustion (Projectile absorbed)
Shattering Eruption
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User steams in rage before releasing an ultimate explosion at his mouse position."
Spell 5 Info Shattering Eruption is Explosion's Ultimate. The ultimate is cast on a specified area under a medium range (It cannot be cast on such far areas.) and creates a large magic circle. This magic circle then starts to emanate numerous quakes as steam arises from the user, that each deal 10-13 damage for four seconds. Shortly before the eruption, during the fiery impulses, users are stunned from the duration of this period to 1 second after the ultimate. Immediately after, a gigantic eruption happens, blasting any opponent inside the eruption extremely far upward, and dealing 400-500 damage. It consumes 1000 Mana and has a 90-second cooldown.
Spell 5 Picture
Shattering Explosion


  • Combustion can be used to absorb all of the projectiles in Frozen Incursion before they even hit, possibly saving your teammate from damage and leaving the attacker open for a Contact Spell.


  • It first emerged as a Joke Element, being originally known as xDDDDDDD improvised by players baistrc, MiuchaGamer, and Itspumpkin.
    • "Explosive Leap" used to be known as "Meme Leap."
    • Explosion (or xDDDDDDD) would've been the second Joke Element, had it stayed as so. The first being Sans.
  • Concentrated Blast is the fourth spell in the game so far that it creates more than one symbol of the element when cast. The first being Storm's Lightning Barrage, the second being Void's Oblivion, and the third being Spectrum's Rainbow Shockwave.
  • Before Explosion was officially released as a Superior element, it could only be achieved by winning a tournament, much like Sans. A few people had the element.
  • This element is also based on various anime (such as Bakugo from Boku no Hero Academia and Megumin from Konosuba).
    • Shattering Eruption used to be called "Megumas Rage".
  • The abilities cost no shards shortly after the element released. However, this has been changed/updated. Some users got the spells free, therefore.
  • Concentrated Blast is a somewhat faster version of Great Fire Blast, and it might be sometimes confused to be Great Fire Blast as well.
    • Sadly, Concentrated Blast is not as solid as Great Fire Blast, which means that Concentrated Blast cannot be ridden by users.
  • When Explosion was in the Testing Servers, the ult could be placed on the sides of walls, however, users would still move upwards.
  • Some people say that this element is the substitute for the Arc of Destruction element from Elemental Wars.
  • Consecutive Explosions shares the player animation with Empyrean Rain and Bones Rain.
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