Drop Zones are a certain part of a map that can spawn in Shards and Diamonds. Each one you pick up will give you 10 of what you pick up. Drop Zones are usually the center of battles because of the items that spawn in them. In a normal map, diamonds spawn at a rate of 2 minutes and 30 seconds per diamond and will last a short amount of time until it despawns. In the Heavens map, diamonds will spawn twice as fast (1 min 15 secs). Shards and Diamonds do not drop in VIP servers.

Drop Zones in Maps

Every map has a drop zone. It also has a sign that points to the drop zone, however the only exception is the Standard Map, because the developers must have forgot to put it there (There is no sign pointing at the sandy place)

Standard/Mega Standard

The Standard Map's Drop Zone is the large sandy area in the center. Piles of dirt are also found there. The drop zone is big and players all go there to battle because it's a flat land and ideal for battling.


  • Using these rocky cliffs is a good idea because they allow you too see the entire Drop Zone. However, they are close to the safe zone, where players spawn, so many people may try to attack from behind. Close combat is also good here. Because of the Large area and the fights between getting the shards and diamonds that spawn here, Upgrading Defense, Max Health, and Speed is a good idea.

Grass/ Mega Grass

The Drop zone for these maps is at the top of a giant tree in a room. The entrance is labeled with a sign saying "drop zone".


  • Use a vine hanging from the tree to climb up, then jump down onto the brown path that leads to the drop zone

Fire / Mega Fire

The drop zone on these maps are a small town nearby a big volcano. It has two buildings with ladders to get to the top, each top having a red flag and a gas tank of some sorts. There is a large water tower in between the two buildings.


  • Put the guard towers to use and keep an eye out for opponents, And be wary of the volcano. Players can easily sneak up there, come back down, and attack from behind. Close distance attacks aren't the best because of how large the Zone is.
  • The water tower at the drop zone has a walk-through spot at the top. You can hide without being seen, and when someone else comes to snatch some Shards or Diamonds, you can ambush them from above.


The Drop Zone for the map is a pyramid with stairs leading to the top. However, the real Drop Zone is inside the pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, is an entrance. Going inside will result in you having to go down a circular set of ramps going downward. Once there, you are in the Zone. The Zone is A large square, with the entrance in the middle. The walls are slanted, and there are pathways going through the map. At the opposite wall that you come into from, are two statues and a strange mural with symbols on it


  • The Zone is rather small, so close combat is recommended here. Shards and Diamonds usually spawn close to the walls, so stay there. it can also be good to hide behind the ramps and attack foes from behind.
  • Elements such as Wind are extremely useful to use on the outside of the pyramid because these attacks are not solid they can pass through the walls of the pyramid and potentially damage players inside.


The drop zone is a town near the center of the map.


  • You can hide in the houses in the town to stay safe from other players' views.
  • Use area damaging spells to hit around corners in the buildings


The Drop Zone of Minilovania is in the Bar/Cafe Known as "Grillby's". It is recognized by the giant sign with the name of the cafe on the roof. It also has a Board with Sans's Face on it.

The "Grillby's" Drop Zone


  • Use the Sans' Teleport move to hide on the roof until a drop appears.
  • You can also use the Bones Rain Move to Kill your enemies before they take the drops.


The drop zone of this map is on the highest floating island where there is a waterfall. To get there, a series of stones are interconnected between the highest and the second-highest island (the one with a spawn zone).


  • Walk up the stone steps; don't do flips as it is easy to fall to your death if you do
  • You can use spells that push players to push them off the island