Dragon is a Rare Element in Elemental Battlegrounds.

Its medal consists of forest green, with a lighter variant as the border. Its symbol depicts a dragon's head with three horns, a short one in the middle.

It consists of high damage spells with rather high mobility and versatility mixed within each spell.

It is a purchasable element costing 900 Diamonds.


Soaring Upheaval
Spell 1 Type Multi-Projectile spell
Spell 1 Description "User grows wings and soars in the forward direction of their mouse cursor while also firing two moderate damage bullets."
Spell 1 Info The caster grows dragon wings and uses them to fly for a short time while shooting 2 green projectiles with a yellow glow. The projectiles will go towards the targeted area. Then creates an explosion causing a smoke to appear.
Spell 1 Picture Soaring Upheaval
Fuming Whack
Spell 2 Type Contact spell
Spell 2 Description "User grows a tail, charges in the direction of their mouse cursor, and then "throws" their opponent airborne and whacks them back down with their tail to deal medium damage."
Spell 2 Info The user can aim with the cursor to dash towards an opponent and knock them out with a dragon tail. It is a unique Contact

spell because you can dash with it unlike others. That can be used for transportation instead of using Transportation spells.

Spell 2 Picture Dragon2
Formidable Roar
Spell 3 Type AoE Spell
Spell 3 Description "User lets out an enormous roar that damages nearby opponents, slows down their movement, and distorts their screens to become a tinted dark blue."
Spell 3 Info The caster roars loudly, inflicting high damage to anyone in its radius. If opponents are close enough, they will be slowed down and their vision will be tinted with blue. Like a broken TV tinted in blue. It pushes the opponents away from the user.
Spell 3 Picture Dragon3
Dragon's Ember
Spell 4 Type Projectile spell
Spell 4 Description "User shoots out a smoky breath of fire that deals high damage and will leave their screen smoky if they are inside of it while it is still smoky."
Spell 4 Info The caster breathes a large cloud of smoke in the direction of their mouse cursor. The cloud of smoke combusts after leaving players' screen smoky, dealing high damage and leaving a low damage burning effect.
Spell 4 Picture Dragon's Ember
Ominous Wrath
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User hops on the back of a massive dragon that towers over the map. This dragon breathes a humongous breath of fire that is controlled by the mouse cursor and deals high damage."
Spell 5 Info The caster mounts the back of a colossal dragon and concentrates a huge breath of fire to the location of the cursor while fire shockwaves appears on the mouth of the dragon. Occasionally, fireballs fly out of the dragon's mouth towards the selected area, dealing additional damage.
Spell 5 Picture Ominous Wrath


  • Dragon is the third element to be based on mythical creatures; the other ones being Reaper, and Phoenix.
  • Ominous Wrath is the third ultimate to apply a visual effect to the map, the first being Darkness and the second being Aurora.
  • Dragon is the first and only Element to have a contact spell that requires aiming.
  • Dragon's Ultimate has been known to be buggy when used on the edges of maps.
  • Dragon's Ember was able to be used to glitch Explosion's shield to maximum power; however, this glitch has been fixed.
  • Dragon element is another one of the many elements that came from Elemental Wars.
  • Ominous Wrath was originally supposed to be called Perilous Wrath, but was changed since "Perilous" had already used in one of Ice's spells, Perilous Hail. 
  • Despite Ominous Wrath's description saying that the user hops on the back of the dragon, the player is actually inside it. 
  • When Dragon was released, Ominous Wrath had no target circles.
    • Gamer Robot had to add in the target indicators, because of too many complaints saying that they couldn't see the targets. 
  • Formidable Roar came from one of NoobHomieTM’s movesets, which he originally named "Dragon’s Roar". 
  • Soaring Upheaval used to shoot out 3 bullets that did lower damage, but due to the fact that the 3rd bullet was too hard to land due to how close to the ground the caster was at this point, it was reduced to 2 bullets that did higher damage. 
  • Fuming Whack uses the same sound effect for a meteor smash in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U.
  • Ominous Wrath is currently broken in Survival Mode. When used, it will glitch out wildly, then trap the player behind an invisible shield when the move ends. This is due to Survival mode having a tiny version of Standard other than the original map.
  • In the days of the Testing Standard, rushing with Fuming Whack was supposed to leave a trail and later was removed.
  • Fuming Whack is the first Contact spell to be chargeable.
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