The controls of the game are simple (PC and Mobile controls). However, they may take time getting used to using them, but eventually as you play more, you will get the hang of using them.


Basic Movement

Move around with WASD or the Arrow Keys on PC, or the joystick/thumbstick/DPad on mobile. Preferably use WASD controls, as it is easier to play with them rather than the Arrow Keys on PC. The thumbstick is recommended on mobile.

Casting Spells

To add a spell to your current set, open your spell book. Click or tap on the spells you want to use and fill up to five slots. To equip a spell, click on the number of the spell, or more simply press the number of the slot of the spell you want to use on your keyboard. To cast a spell, click or tap where you want to shoot it. Click/tap and hold to charge some spells.


You can quick-dodge in any of the four directions by double-pressing W, S, A, or D (double-pressing the arrow keys won't work). On mobile, you can only front-flip by double-tapping the jump button, but you cannot back-flip or dodge to the side. Lacking 200 stamina would result in not quick-dodging, leaving a temporary red mark in the stamina bar for the amount of missing stamina.


To toggle sprint, press ctrl. It is advised that you don't do any other stamina consuming acts, as sprinting constantly drains your stamina even if you remain mobile. Sprinting takes about 25 stamina per second.


To block, press and hold R. On mobile, tap the small square top-left of the jump button to toggle it. Running and blocking isn't a good idea, since if you are getting hit, your stamina will drain out rapidly. Blocking takes massive amounts of stamina only when hit.


To punch, press Q. On mobile, there is also a button to punch top-right of the jump button. Punching gives a 2 second stun, allowing an opening for you to cast spells on the enemy. Each punch takes 50 stamina.

Quick Trigger

Some spells, Like Warp Bombs, can detonate early by pressing E.

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