Events are a type of temporary game mode and a special occasion that sometimes happens in Elemental Battlegrounds. Developers can only set the game mode. Events listed below rarely happens only once.

Note: Some of the events listed below can/can't happen again.

(Angel element not considered a holiday element due to late release)

Event Elements

Event Elements are Elements that are released along with their event.

There are currently four Event Elements in the game.

Element (Total)




Strengths Weakness
1600 Diamonds Nightmare + Darkness
  • Can deal high damage
  • Works well in close-range
  • No healing support
  • Struggles against a far range


1225 Diamonds None
  • Deals extremely high damage and can kill opponents easily
  • Low mana costs
  • Excellent at all ranges
  • No healing support

350 Diamonds (Free from event)

  • Works well in close-medium range
  • Low mana costs
  • Struggles against far-range
  • Struggles against flipping opponents when using SONAR Quake
N/A None
  • Can surprise opponents with its moves
  • Highest burn damage
  • High combo potential
  • Poor damage
  • Universal Pull can leave the caster vulnerable

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