• Cerry the Illusionist

    there are mistakes in the elements and in the game

    1. When you use Acid's Septic Splatter, you will tackle an enemy, and then afterwards if you have slow connection you can move while handling the enemy in some weird reasons

    2. Angel has still a lot of not fixed mistakes, one thing it has more weird glitches.

    3. If you are in the sky and you used Dragon's Soaring Upheaval, you will need to go to the ground just to use it all over again. Why not while in the air you can wait for it to activated again

    4. If you used an ultimate that levitates you or traps you (Ex. Ethereal Acumen) and you used a contact before it you have to wait just to fall and that is lucky for your opponents

    5. Crystal bombs for everyone! If you used a contact/grab spell and …

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  • Yosi boie2

    Don’t mind this

    January 17, 2019 by Yosi boie2

    Element name: season Cost:1100 gems

    Type:body transformation Move 1: essence of summer description: user gives themself a quick buff using the life energy from summer effect/s:gives a +2 jump power buff a +5 speed buff and a +5 damage buff for 10 seconds Mana waste:200 Cooldown:15 seconds (once the buff ends)(gives off a pulse of light to signify it has ended)

    type: projectile Spell 2: autumn wind description: user unleashes a strong gust of wind that deals low to medium damage while inflicting a strong knockback. Mana waste: 350 cooldown:6

    Type:multi projectile Spell3: spring blossom burst Description:literally just poison needles but better

    Type:close range spell Spell 4: winter blizzard Description:create a blizzard that both heavily sl…

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  • 101dividedbyzero


    December 6, 2018 by 101dividedbyzero


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  • Yosi boie2

    My recent element idea

    December 3, 2018 by Yosi boie2

    I have thought of doing a roadmap like thing for elements I make. This list will change over time.(I can’t change the title)

    Season done, Lego800 done, Space 2.0 done, Season Updated,(moves) Boundary done, Meme done, Reality done, time 2.0 done,

    Possible elements:divinity, 

    Prototype medals

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  • Harejulez

    The Nuclear Element

    September 23, 2018 by Harejulez

    Now, this element is VERY UNLIKELY to be added in Elemental Battle Grounds as this more technologic than magic. But I just want to know if what the Nuclear element would be like and what it's moves should be.

    I dunno what moves it'll have but it consist of Nuclear Energy attacks. Let me know in the comments below of what it's move should be.

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  • J13


    August 23, 2018 by J13

    fan idea rejected, quitting wiki

    somebody kill me

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  • Ford8888

    Element showcases

    August 7, 2018 by Ford8888

    here is the link:

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  • BooDidIScareYou

    So, I made this blog to help some people out with combos they keep dying to. So, i'll list a combo that I see regularly or a combo someone wanted to add, and try to find a good moveset to go against the said combo. Now, im gonna stop blabbering and get on with it.

    Wind Ascend + Nature's Essence

    When the person is in mid-air, use a transport spell RIGHT as the essence is shot towards you. This is most effective with Spiral Spin as you can spin below the attacker, and use a close range spell like Neutron Punch or Order break to get some easy damage in.

    Essence Relegation + Wind Tornadoes

    This is a tough one. If the person relies on ONLY this combo, this will be easy, but if the attacker uses other moves, it'll be tricky. Once the person attempts…

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  • Geekodo


    June 5, 2018 by Geekodo


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  • Drax'kor

    Sound Element

    May 24, 2018 by Drax'kor

    My Sound Element pack are broken, what i should do? ;-;

    I just got one power.

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  • NickelBoy

    Limited Template

    May 18, 2018 by NickelBoy
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  • NickelBoy


    May 18, 2018 by NickelBoy
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  • NickelBoy

    Are you serious?

    May 9, 2018 by NickelBoy

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  • Photom 82


    April 28, 2018 by Photom 82

    Okay what's going on with all the troll pages???

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  • Rblx elemental battlegrounds
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  • DarkCycloneX

    Diamond Zombies

    February 14, 2018 by DarkCycloneX

    This zombie is particlularily fast and has a blue sparkles floating from its body. Killing this zombie results in you earning 2 diamonds.

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  • BangJang96

    EBG Playerbase Rant

    February 13, 2018 by BangJang96

    I can't stress enough when I say this. The player base is actually the worst one Ive seeen (next to Jailbreak). Its nothing but 12 year olds dressed like oders screaming "U CANT USE UR ULT OR ELSE UR TRASH LOL" or "pr0 PL@YER$ WOOD CALL U OUT LMFAO". Its just...unbearable. Its found on every game Ive played, and the moment you pull out an ult, so it begins.  They treat it as if its a sin, and call you whatever bad insult they can. And its mostly from immature high level people, who have almsot every element. Which is why Ive quit playing it since. Its just sad how bad playerbases can be.

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  • Greenlizard24

    Saved Moveset

    February 1, 2018 by Greenlizard24

    Having to set my moves every time I join EBG is tedious. And since I'm a forgetful person, I usually forget what moves I used.

    I wish the game would save the last set you used or added a moveset slot. 

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  • HellraiserD

    Element Suggesting

    January 20, 2018 by HellraiserD

    Element Suggesting Guide : Here

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  • Chasingcheetahs

    Steam element Idea

    December 12, 2017 by Chasingcheetahs

    New Element Idea------------------------


    Cost: Fire + Water


    Scald: (multi projectile) scald is a move that is pretty much water stream but with burn damage. (cooldown is 2 seconds)

    Steam Eruption: (projectile) this is a pretty powerful move, its alot like incinerating burst, but color is changed to a greyish blue (cooldown is 10 seconds)

    Geyser: (close range) its a blue blaze column with lower burn damage (cooldown is 15 seconds)

    Steam Cloak: (body transformation) user cloaks themselves with steam making them invisible for 10 seconds with steam particles, once it appears there is a 4 second attack and speed upgrade by 2. (cooldown is 20 seconds after the boost fades away)

    Steam devil: (ultimate) this is a greyish blue version of wind …

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  • Chasingcheetahs

    Null element idea

    December 12, 2017 by Chasingcheetahs

    New element idea: Null

    new status: fog restricts vision

    cost: void + reaper + 420 diamonds


    projectile spell - Broken Portal. the user makes a portal that then shatters into 4 pieces, the pieces will split into 4 more and if the pieces of the pieces are destroyed, they inflict fog, does medium damage

    close range spell -   dark fog, the user creates a field simaler to void's oblivion but instead of teleporting to mouse pointer, the target teleports about 10 studs away from a random direction

    Contact spell - void of oblivion, this is basicly void of terror but no blind or burn it just causes fog, and is a punch animation

    multi-projectile spell - null bullets, user shoots bullets of anti-matter that explode on contact dealing low damage but …

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  • Jinx666

    My Adoption for the wiki

    August 16, 2017 by Jinx666

    Hello there

    I have requested the adoption for this wiki on the Community Central wiki. This is because the main admins (DeuxExMortem and Irekjer) are basically not around anymore, so we will ened an admin to keep check of things, of which i am willing to do

    In my management i will 

    • Make sure only those with an account can edit it, and not random Fandom contributors
    • Ban any vandals messing with the wiki on purpose instantly.
    • Be sure to be active
    • Be able to answer questions for any contributors
    • Lock pages when necessary
    • Delete unnecessary pages

    I would be grateful for your support and any help and advice you can give me. If anyone wants to be an admin and assist me with the management, just ask…

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  • NoobHomieTM


    July 13, 2017 by NoobHomieTM


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