Basic Elements are purchasable elements that are the second cheapest classes of elements. They cost between 300 and 350 for Sound. Diamonds and often deal medium to high damage. All basic elements (apart from Sound) can be used in fusion.

Basic Elements

There are 4 Basic Elements in the game so far.

Element Cost Strengths Weaknesses


300 Diamonds
  • Medium and close range spells
  • Stun moves available
  • No far range spells
  • Only deals low-medium damage per attack
300 Diamonds
  • Medium ranged spells
  • Spells have fast speed
  • deal medium damage
  • Spells take time to charge
  • No far range spells
300 Diamonds
  • Medium and close range spells
  • Excellent blocking/defense stacking
  • Immobile while charging spells
  • Poor damage
  • Slow element


350 Diamonds (after the event)

  • Good at medium-range
  • SONAR Quake is useful for Speed exploiters.
  • Ultimate is weak for opponents that are hidden between walls
  • Struggles against flipping opponents when using SONAR Quake
  • Struggles against very far-range.
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