However, this is a feature made by Roblox, if you want more information about Badges, go to Badge to the Roblox Fandom. Not to be confused with the Achievements feature of Fandom.

Badges are earned if you do something in EBG (e.g. level up, kill people). Below here are the badges.

Obtainable badges

3 Elements Unlocked

"Good job!"

Get 3 elements

5 Elements Unlocked

"5 elements more than 0"

Get 5 elements

10 Elements Unlocked

"god amongst gods"

Get 10 elements

10 Kills


Reach 10 kills

100 Kills

"the skulls of my enemies"

Reach 100 kills

1000 Kills

"want dead?????"

Reach 1000 kills

Level 5


Reach level 5

Level 10


Reach level 10

Level 20

"get good"

Reach level 20

Level 50

"power levels rising..."

Reach level 50

Level 100


Reach level 100

Level 200

"all enemies have been defeated"

Reach level 200

5000 Kills


Reach 5000 kills

Discontinued badges

These badges were available during the Sound event.

Element of Sound

"Sound element was given out for free from 5/13/18 to 5/31/18. To get sound element now, open your elements shop."

Finish the quest and get Sound

Boss Battle Survivor

"Wave 9 has this hard to defeat boss . But it's worth it! (Formally a Roblox event badge for an exclusive catalog item)"

Defeat Deathlord (boss) in wave 9.