Aurora is a Superior Element in Elemental Battlegrounds with a diverse color scheme, with the main colors of pink, green, yellow, and cyan.

Aurora is an element that can work both close range and at distance. Its beams have good range, as well as defensive options and quick escapes, while all dealing excellent damage.

It is a purchasable element that costs 1225 Diamonds.


Polar Projection
Spell 1 Type Projectile Spell
Spell 1 Description "User casts a small set of explosions that deal a high amount of damage"
Spell 1 Info The user's hands glow to fire a varied amount of bright glowing beams at their target. This spell's damage and beam number are dependent on how long it is charged for. If the lasers are instantaneously used, then there will only be 3 lasers, however each will do fairly high damage. Moreover, if the lasers are charged to their maximum, then 6 will be shot out, but each beam will have lower damage each. These lasers are fast and medium ranged. The damage radius of the spell is much large than the explosion itself. It consumes 350 Mana and has a 5 second cooldown.
  • Note: Fully charged, it deals less damage than half charged
Spell 1 Picture Polar Projection unchargePolar Projection charge
Light Emission
Spell 2 Type Transportation Spell
Spell 2 Description "User can teleport to wherever they desire with a beam of light from the sky. Hitting a player results in the ability to teleport again."
Spell 2 Info The user teleports with a pillar of multicolored light to a desired location. This teleport has a very far range, with a trail of figures following behind, and if the user is able to teleport next to an opponent, they will be damaged and blinded for a second. However, this also gives the user an opportunity to quickly choose another area to teleport to with no additional cost, allowing a quick hit-and-run tactic. However, the same opponent cannot be damaged twice in a row by this move. It consumes 250 Mana and has a 7 second cooldown.
Spell 2 Picture Light Emission-0
Gleaming Borealis
Spell 3 Type AoE Spell
Spell 3 Description "User summons a beam from above capable of hurting players and shielding themself, the ray also consumes projectiles and grows larger to consume victims in large."
Spell 3 Info The user summons a large glowing beam around their body, which can be controlled by the mouse cursor for a period of time. This spell is easily capable of comparable speeds to other players, and those who are caught up in the beam are damaged gradually as well as elevated in the air. They are also randomly stunned, which makes it hard for opponents to escape. Not only this, but this spell is also defensive, where the beam is able to absorb solid projectiles, of which the more projectiles it absorbs, the larger its diameter becomes. Despite there being no limit to how much it can absorb, there is a limit to its size. It should be noted that there are still Projectiles and Multi-Projectile spells that can penetrate it, such as Beam moves or anything intangible. It consumes 300 Mana and has a 6 second cooldown.
Spell 3 Picture Gleaming Borealis-0
Empyrean Rain
Spell 4 Type Multi-Projectile Spell
Spell 4 Description "User pulls light from above to rain down bullets that deal medium damage."
Spell 4 Info The user summons multiple rainbow to fall upon the target selected by the cursor. There are 10 of these bullets, and each do a fair bit of damage, though need to be stacked in order to give off anything significant. The user is able to move while activating this spell. It consumes 350 Mana and has a 6 second cooldown.
Spell 4 Picture Empyrean Rain-0
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "Create a rainbow sky for everyone to see while being guarded by powerful explosions with a second set that any nearby player is attacked by too."
Spell 5 Info The user gets into a meditating position, which darkens the sky and creates a wide-scale aurora throughout a large portion of the map around them. Aurora beams are then launched from the sky, which home in on surrounding players and constantly deal damage to them for 10 seconds. Despite the seemingly high range, the aurora effect is merely visual, and opponents can still escape from the bullets even if they are underneath the lights. It consumes 1000 Mana and has a 100 second cooldown.
Spell 5 Picture Polaris-0


  • Polaris is the second ultimate that applies a visual effect to almost the entire map, the first being Darkness, and the third being Dragon.
  • When Aurora was announced, many people suspected it to be a fusion element with various guesses, with all of them being wrong when the element was released as a purchaseable one.
  • Aurora is the first element whose magic seal glows before performing a spell.
  • Aurora has the first transportation spell with a re-teleportation ability.
  • Gleaming Borealis is another type of spell that can be used to drag players out of safezones much like Vine.
  • Light Emission is the second Transportation spell that can blind opponents, the other one being Space's Comet Crash.
  • The name "Empyrean" mentioned in "Empyrean Rain" is a reference to a place in the high heaven that early astronomers thought was there. It was said to occupied by the element of fire, which could have made it suitable for a name for Fire.
  • Aurora was formerly the most expensive non-Fusion element, until it was dethroned by Technology on December 2019.
  • This is the first element to be a holiday element, second goes to Angel.
  • Aurora was nerfed on many occasions, most notable were the changes to Polar Projection and Polaris.
  • Aurora's price is probably a reference to Christmas day (12/25).
  • Aurora and Light mention each other in their spells. Light is mentioned in Aurora's TP spell "Light Emission," and Aurora is mentioned in Light's "Auroral Blast."
  • Empyrean Rain shares its player animation with Bones Rain and Consecutive Explosions.
  • The name "Polaris" comes from "aurora polaris", a name for aurorae, which likely comes from the star Polaris, popularly known as the North Star due to it being located almost right in the center of the night sky in the North Pole and nearby regions.
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