AoE Spells are a type of Spell in Elemental Battlegrounds.

AoE spells are those of which either hit when an opponent is close to the caster, or if the opponent is situated in the direction of the mouse cursor. They usually take up a large radius around the user, but will not be able to stretch too far for opponents further away, though spells such as Leaf Storm can be shot at an opponent in a straight direction.

These Spells are found in the 2nd,3rd or 4th slot of an element, but can be changed for the player's set.

Types of AoE Spells


Close Range type AoE Spells are the spells that usually deal damage if opponents are close to the caster. (e.g. Lightning Dispersion, Essence Relegation)


Select type AoE Spells are spells that act upon a selected area by the cursor (e.g. Blaze Column, Gamma Surge)

Elements with AoE Spells

All the elements excluding Earth, Space, Sound, and Angel have a AoE spell so far.

Spell Name Element Spell Type Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
Blaze Column Fire-0 Select
  • User clicks a close area, of which sets off a damaging blaze column.
  • Burn damage is also given.
300 8
Water Tornado Water-0 Close-range
  • User sets off a water tornado in front of them and pulls in close opponents
350 10
Leaf Storm Grass-0 Close-range
  • User sets off a leaf tornado around them, damaging and rising close by players in the air
  • The tornado is then shot at the direction where the cursor is located
300 7
Wind Ascend Wind-0 Close-range
  • User sets off wind currents around them, damaging and stunning close by players
  • User jumps high into the air afterwards
350 6
Lightning Dispersion Storm-0 Close-range
  • User punches the ground as electricity flickers around them, damaging and stunning close by opponents.
300 8
Volcanic Eruption Lava Close-range
  • User sets off multiple magma columns, of which damage and stun opponents if hit.
  • A wide radius of lava is left afterwards, which damages those standing on top of it
350 7
Perilous Hail Ice-0 Close-range
  • User creates a large square of ice around them, tripping and damaging nearby players
  • If activating this spell in the air, a large white ball is activated, damaging and blinding nearby players
300 6
Vine Trap Nature Select
  • User clicks an area, of which a vine sprouts out, trapping any players within the nature symbol
250 8
Plasma Implosion Plasma Select
  • User sets off a cluster of plasma in a clicked area, damaging players caught in it
  • This move also gives out burn damage
300 10
Luminous Dispersion Crystal Select
  • Users raises a cluster of purple crystals in a selected area, damaging and stunning players caught up in it
350 8
Essence Relegation Spirit Close-range
  • User pulls in close by opponents and violently knocks them back, damaging them
300 7
Gravitational Field
  • User creates a large purple void, that follows, pulls in and damages nearby players.
400 5
Amaurotic Lambent Light Close-range
  • User releases a large radius of light, damaging close by opponents as well as blinding them
300 9
Murky Missiles Darkness Select
  • User drops several dark green missiles onto an area clicked by the mouse cursor.
300 6
  • User teleports nearby players to a selected area while dealing damage to them
350 8
Skeleton Grasp Nightmare Select
  • User summons a skeleton that will drag nearby players towards them and hit them
  • The skeleton will continue to hit as long as the enemy is in range
400 13
Gamma Surge Spectrum Select
  • User summons a spiral of white streaks that descends from the sky and deal heavy damage to those who are in its radius.
350 8
Genesis Ray DAtxiHZXYAEuXwB Select
  • User shoots a beam, which expands into a large spherical trap
  • Opponents hit are trapped inside, and have small damage inflicted upon them
  • If the opponent goes outside of the phase-able walls, more damage is inflicted upon them
350 8
Blue Arson Phoenix Select
  • User clicks an area, which is then engulfed in blue flames by a black Phoenix
  • Opponents are damaged via burn damage, while casters and allies are instead healed
350 10
Reaper's Sword Reaper Select
  • User summons several dozen swords that come crashing down on the area selected on the cursor
  • Swords do small damage on their own, but come down fast and have stackable damage
  • Only effective in close range combat, though are also solid and can stop players in their tracks
400 9
Gleaming Borealis Aurora Select
  • The player erects a rainbow beam and controls it with their mouse cursor and the beam can suck in other players dealing medium damage
  • The beam is able to absorb moves and increase in size
  • Can be used to drag players out of safe zones
300 6
Consecutive Explosions Explosion Select
  • User creates harmless white explosions for a second, which then explode in the areas chosen by the user and damage opponents
275 8
Space-Time Rupture Chaos Select
  • User summons a large red laser from the sky, that follows the cursor and deals damage
  • The laser then explodes at the end to deal higher damage to anyone in the vicinity
350 8

Illusive Atake

  • User clicks an area of which a static clone of them appears
  • Any user who comes in contact with this clone is damaged and pulled towards the caster
  • This spell can be used to pull players out of safe zones
206 7
Formidable Roar
  • User makes a loud roar that deals medium damage and flings nearby players. Also slows them down and enhance their screen with dark tinted blue.
375 8
Sewer Burst
  • User selects an area in which sudden tornado spewing acidic vapour bursts out in the chosen area.
  • Close Opponents are drawn into the tornado, in which splatters of acid appear on their screen and temporarily obscure their view
400 6
Splitting Slime
  • User selects an area where a giant slime blob will fall. On impact, the blob will explode into slime puddles which stick enemies to the ground. If a player is hit in the explosion, moving slimes that deal damage will be created.
400 8
Vortex Bomb
  • The user throws a powerful cube bomb that creates a green vortex that pulls in opponents until the vortex closes and explodes dealing high damage and flinging opponents far away
  • This spell is chargeable
325 9


Spell Name Element Spell Type Effects Mana Consumption Cooldown (seconds)
Universal Pull Sans Select
  • User shoots an instantaneous beam that damages opponents slightly, but stuns and pulls them towards the user much like Vine
300 8
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