Angel is a Superior Element and Fusion Element in Elemental Battlegrounds. Its color palette consists of shining white, gold and tiny amounts of blue. Its medal depicts an angel with wings and a halo.

Angel is the currently most expensive Element in the game. It has a wide range of utility in both power and support, with sharp mobility as well, however, its hitboxes are fairly small and require high precision and skill to use at their full potential, otherwise users of this Element can get punished pretty hard.

This Element can be obtained by fusing Spirit (Grass + Wind, 450 Diamonds in total) and Light (650 Diamonds), with an additional cost of 2000 Diamonds, costing a total of 3100 Diamonds.

Note: Damage was tested with 50 Power on a player with 50 Defense.


Divine Arrow
Spell 1 Type Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User grows angel wings and then creates a magnificent bow that fires a glowing arrow made of light to deal high damage."
Spell 1 Info The user will rise up into the air (if the spell has been cast while they're on the ground), get locked in place, and charge a fast-moving arrow made of light. The spell has two hitboxes: The arrow, and the explosion. The explosion deals 200 (275 if fully charged) damage. The arrow deals 100 damage, and can inflict high knockback onto any enemy that was hit. The explosion is only created if the arrow hits terrain. Charging the spell will increase the arrow's speed and the explosion's damage.
  • It consumes 400 Mana, and has a 10-second cooldown
  • Note: The spell will consume more Mana the longer it has been charged for, up to a maximum 250 extra Mana consumed.
  • Note: The spell will always give 400 experience after the arrow has been fixed, regardless of how long it has been charged for.
Spell 1 Picture
Divine Arrow-0
Quill Daggers
Spell 2 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 2 Description "User raises off the ground, firing 10~ heat-seeking quills from their wings. This will launch the caster backwards and deal medium damage to opponents."
Spell 2 Info The user is locked in place, grows angel wings, and then flaps them forward, launching them backwards, and firing 14 (18 if fully charged) quills at their mouse cursor's position, homing in on enemies and doing 26 damage each. If an enemy is close enough to the user when the spell is cast, they will take 125 damage, get tripped, and get slightly knocked back. Charging the spell will increase the number of quills fired, and will also increase the distance of how far the user gets launched into.
  • It costs 1300 Shards, consumes 250 Mana, and has a 7-second cooldown
Spell 2 Picture
Quill Daggers
Flash Slash
Spell 3 Type Transportation Spell
Spell 3 Description "User grasps a holy sword and flies in the direction of their mouse cursor to deal low damage and steal mana. User has the ability to strike up to 4 opponents if done consecutively."
Spell 3 Info The caster gains wings and a sword, and then dashes into the direction of their mouse cursor, stopping them from falling. If the user hits an enemy, the enemy will take 175 damage, have their Mana drained, and give the stolen Mana to the user, as well as allowing the user to dash again, for a maximum of up to 4 times. Charging the spell will increase the distance traveled. The user will also be unable to use their other spells during the dash.
  • It costs 1600 Shards, consumes 250 Mana, and has a 6-second cooldown (cooldown activates the moment the user dashes)
Spell 3 Picture
Angelic Aura
Spell 4 Type Body
Spell 4 Description "User casts a glowing aura that grants them a speed boost, heals them over time, and converts their dodge moves into a teleporting ability."
Spell 4 Info The user will be locked in place and charge up an aura (they will be unable to move or use their other spells, but all damage taken is reduced during this process). After the user has finished charging, they will be able to move and use their spells again, they will gain a speed boost, heal 4 health over time (8 health per second) for the duration of the spell's effects, and also have their flips changed into instant teleports that cover a short distance (these teleports consume Mana and Stamina). All of these effects last for 20 seconds.
  • It costs 1900 Shards, consumes 400 Mana, and has a 35-second cooldown
Spell 4 Picture Angel4 Angelic Aura
Arcane Guardian
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User pulls a star from the heavens and fires a holy arrow at it to infuse it with power. This causes it to rain high damage explosions on these below, while healing the caster."
Spell 5 Info The user summons a star above them and creates electricity around them, and then fires a pink glowing arrow at the star, causing the star to rain down about 47 arrows, these arrows can stun enemies, deal 15 damage each, and spawn 0-3 quills upon impact that will home in on nearby enemies and deal 30 damage each. The user will also heal 25 health over time for the duration of the Ultimate.
  • It costs 2200 Shards, consumes 1000 Mana, and has a 100-second cooldown
Spell 5 Picture
Arcane Guardian


  • Angel is the first and so far only element to be based on a religious figure.
  • Angel was originally planned to be released on Friday, January 11th, however it was delayed to the next day due to certain problems.
  • Angel was planned to be an Event Element for 2018 Christmas.
    • Had it been released on 2018 Christmas, it would've been the fifth Event Element, the first being Reaper.
  • Angelic Aura used to have an old sound effect, which is the Dragon Ball Z's Super Saiyan power-up sound effect.
    • The aura emitted by Angelic Aura also heavily resembles the Super Saiyan aura.
  • The quills created by Quill Daggers and Arcane Guardian are recolored Christmas-tree shaped cookie meshes.
  • Angel is the first Element to have its poll in a Roblox game, mainly due to website exploiters manipulating the Strawpoll poll, and tampering with the votes.
    • That being said, it is speculated by some that Elements from the polls such as Nightmare were added in by mistake.
    • In the 6th poll, the votes for Blood were manipulated, but the owners discovered this and Blood was disqualified.
  • Flash Slash is the first spell in the game to have a user interface.
  • Divine Arrow is the first spell to have a feature that requires the user to directly hit the enemy (in this case, the arrow). The user can still deal damage with the explosion if they don't land a direct hit.
  • Quill Daggers is the second Multi Projectile Spell that can move the user, the first being Dragon's Soaring Upheaval.
  • Quill Daggers is the first and only spell in the game that shoots projectiles that can home in on enemies.
  • Divine Arrow is the first Projectile Spell that can move the user (if they're on the ground when the spell is cast, they will slightly rise into the air).
  • Flash Slash is the second spell to include a re-teleportation ability, the first being Aurora’s Light Emission.
  • Flash Slash has two bugs: One bug makes the user unable to deal damage upon hit, but they are able to dash again (the extra dashes will not deal damage, though). The other bug can cause the user to permanently fly into one direction, they are still able to use their other spells, but they will be unable to stop flying until they either die or rejoin the server.
  • During Angel's testing phase in Testing Standard, Angelic Aura was unofficially called "Iou Body", and only speeds the user up other than having the teleportation ability. This was later changed since it was merely a "placeholder" for the spell.
    • It also played a "STOP!" sound effect when the user casted it.
  • Although Quill Daggers' description states that the quills are heat-seeking, the quills will always seek players even if there is a stronger heat source nearby (i.e. Blue Arson) instead of homing in on the flames.
  • Before Angel released, people noticed a flat texture sitting below the map. It could be seen by going to the mini arena and into the edge of the map. This was removed after Angel released. It is still unknown why it was there or what its purpose was.
  • Sometimes, Divine Arrow's explosion occurs out of the place where it should.
  • The bow used in Divine Arrow resembles Pit's Palutena Bow from the Kid Icarus series.
  • If the user has been caught by Sewer Burst and they attempt to use Divine Arrow or Arcane Guardian, they will be launched out of the map.
  • Divine Arrow and Quill Daggers can be used at the same time, with this in mind players can use Quill Daggers while charging Divine Arrow to find both invisible players and players who have used Trichotomy.
  • In Testing Standard, Divine Arrow and Arcane Guardian's explosions produced light blue smoke (the same smoke used by Dragon's Soaring Upheaval), and Divine Arrow could be charged indefinitely.
  • Three of Angel's spells (or aspects of it) came from fan-made ideas in the Discord server.
    • The healing aspect of Arcane Guardian came from a fan-made Ultimate spell called "Savior Sorcerer," which was created by the Discord users Pikachu and A1d3n0us. This Ultimate spell, in short, had two different functions that allowed the user to take either the form of an archangel or fallen angel, having healing and damaging purposes respectively. However, the healing in Arcane Guardian is massively toned down from Savior Sorcerer.
      • Several visual perks, such as the spotlight from the star and the lightning on the spell's activation, had function in Savior Sorcerer, but are merely aesthetic for Arcane Guardian.
    • Quill Daggers came from the Projectile Spell idea by the Discord user THEZIGIX, which fired many feathers from a set of wings, similar to what Quill Daggers does.
    • In the sneak-peeks channel in the Discord server, Flash Slash used to be a continuous rushing move, in which the user would tap to change the direction of the rush, an idea provided in the beginning portions of the Discord user SkyCityXD’s Ultimate idea. However, this was changed so that the user can only change directions if they hit an enemy.
  • On the first ever sneak peek of Divine Arrow, the beam produced by the arrow was completely different, the charging sound was faster, and the explosion was somewhat similar to that of Orbs of Enlightenment.
  • What was considered to be the first sneak peek of Angel, was actually a creation made by the Discord user Guashe as a joke. It showed that the player would spawn transparent angel wings around them along with two glowing orbs around them, then they would summon a cross in their hand that will shoot yellow projectiles with a size identical to Soaring Upheaval.
  • Arcane Guardian is one of the two spells to not create a medal of a spell's respective Element upon casting, the other being Phoenix's Holy Dash. All other spells spawn a medal.
  • Arcane Guardian's range increases the higher the user is from the ground.
  • When Angel was released, many people complained that the Element was way too expensive, and that the Diamond cost should be lower. These complaints mostly died down some weeks later.
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