Acid is a Superior Element (or Fusion Element) in Elemental Battlegrounds, released on December 19th, 2018. It's colour pallete consists mostly lime green, with small amounts of purple, red, whitish grey, orange, yellow, and aquamarine/cyan.

Acid is an element with high combination potential, mixing with fast moves, additional acid damage, methods of trapping opponents etc, all at decent damage.

It is a Fusion of Water (150 Diamonds) and Darkness (650 Diamonds), and 500 diamonds.


Acid Rain
Spell 1 Type Multi-Projectile
Spell 1 Description "User fires medium damage balls of acid that spawn into more balls of acid on impact, leaving toxic puddles behind."
Spell 1 Info Acid Rain is a Multi-Projectile Spell, in which the user fires multiple lime bullets that have gravity. Upon impact, these bullets will create puddles of acid and release 4 more bullets that create smaller puddles. When opponents come in contact with these puddles, their screens wave and receive a greenish tint that simulates hallucinogenics, along with being gradually damaged similar to a stronger burn effect that can be stacked. It consumes 300 Mana and has a 7 second cooldown.
Spell 1 Picture
Acid Rain
Septic Splatter
Spell 2 Type TP
Spell 2 Description "User can charge up to become a controllable puddle of acid that will absorb and then tackle any enemy that they touch and deal low damage."
Spell 2 Info Septic Splatter is a Transportation Spell, in where the user selects an area, and by holding down the cursor, small arrows will appear to signal how far you will be able to go (this cannot be seen by your opponent). When the mouse is released, the user dives (and becomes/into an) acid puddle and quickly trails in the direction. There are 4 tiers in the distance of the movement from Red (smallest distance), to Green (largest distance). In this form, the user is able to curve around in the direction of their mouse cursor, and if players are caught in it, they get dragged along and damaged, until eventually released once the user stops and flung a small distance. Players hit are also given the acid status effect. Acid puddles are also left from where the user dives in. The move fails if the user is not on solid ground. This move can also be used to descend slowly while In the air. It consumes 275 Mana and has a 6 second cooldown. Tip: If you can catch them, this move can be used to bring players out of safe zones.
Spell 2 Picture Septic splatter
Sewer Burst
Spell 3 Type Field
Spell 3 Description "Users' mouse cursor can control the location of an acidic tornado that will deal medium damage and splatter opponents screens."
Spell 3 Info Sewer Burst is a Field Spell, where the user clicks an area with their cursor, where a massive geyser of acid spouts from. This geyser traps opponents within it, circulating them up and down, as well as damaging them gradually. In this geyser, opponents also get their screens splattered on, obscuring their vision slightly until they are eventually let down. It is possible to escape the geyser with a quick Transportation spell before it can get too strong. Unlike the explosion ultimate it can be used sideways against a wall to fire someone forward instead. It consumes 400 Mana and has a 6 second cooldown.
Spell 3 Picture Acid3
Corrosive Stream
Spell 4 Type Projectile
Spell 4 Description "User will create a controllable puddle of acid that when touched will become a bubble that grabs an opponent and deals high damage."
Spell 4 Info Corrosive Stream is a Projectile Spell, where the user controls a small acid puddle that moves fairly quickly to the direction of the cursor, and leaves behind additional acid puddles. This puddle has curve-like movement, and when coming into contact with an opponent, it will expand into a bubble around them, and lift them up into the air for a few seconds. While in this air, the opponent cannot move, until it eventually explodes and deals high damage to the opponent. It consumes 300 Mana and has a 10 second cooldown.
Spell 4 Picture Acid4
Toxic Basilisk
Spell 5 Type Ultimate
Spell 5 Description "User summons an incredibly strong toxic monster that will trap nearby players while bashing them with a poisonous and high damage sword then finishes them off with a dangerous explosion."
Spell 5 Info Toxic Basilisk is Acid's Ultimate. The caster summons a large gigantic swamp monster who spews a large acid puddle around him, creating green acid rain clouds above him. Opponents will get trapped in this acid puddle as the monster, wielding a deadly poisonous sword, strikes the trapped opponents in the direction of the opponents, dealing gradual high damage, until eventually delivering the final explosive blow that deals higher damage and pushes opponents back. It consumes 750 Mana and has a 160 second cooldown.
Spell 5 Picture Acid5


  • Although the element is named Acid, the medal uses the modern day symbol for a Bio-Hazard, with the addition of the well known medal swirls.
  • Plurksturr, the person who suggested the idea of Toxic Basilisk, says that the sword is made of Francium, which is an radioactive element that is highly reactive to corrosive materials such as Acid, resulting in explosions.
  • The monster summoned in Toxic Basilisk is sourced from that of 'Lizard Man of Globslang Swamp', a Rthro package made by ROBLOX.
    • It's also the first element to use an Rthro package.
  • Acid is the first Element to have a lobbed Multi Projectile spell, which means the projectiles are affected by gravity. The second element to have this done is Slime.
  • Acid's Ultimate has the highest cooldown out of all ultimates, being 160 seconds. Time's The World is the 2nd highest CD, with 120 seconds.
  • Every move (except for the TP) was named by a fan in the Discord, Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds Wiki.
  • Acid is the first element to use one or more items from the catalog on its spells, the second being Technology.
  • Many players in the community agree that Toxic Basilisk is the weakest ultimate in the game given its comically low damage output and extremely high cooldown.
  • Despite the name of the AoE spell being "Sewer Burst", there are actually no sewers in Elemental Battlegrounds.
  • By the time of Acid's release, Toxic Basilisk could be finished early by pressing the E key. It was later removed, but seemingly brought back in the Technology update.
    • Toxic Basilisk is the fourth spell that can be finished early by pressing a key, the others being Warp Bombs, Immolate, and Disorder Ignition.
  • Sewer Burst can use to pull player in safe zone or make them fly.
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