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Yosi boie2
• 12/7/2018

A revised sort of recent element idea

Element name: season Cost:850 gems

Type:body transformation

Move 1: essence of summer description: user gives themself a quick buff using the life energy from summer effect/s:gives a +2 jump power buff a +5 speed buff and a +5 damage buff for 10 seconds Mana waste:200 Cooldown:15 seconds (once the buff ends)(gives off a pulse of light to signify it has ended)

type: projectile

Spell 2: autumn wind description: user unleashes a strong gust of wind that deals low to medium damage while inflicting a strong knockback. Mana waste: 350 cooldown:6 Damage: 240-350 (400 in fall)

Type:multi projectile

Spell 3: spring blossom burst Description:literally just poison needles but better

Mana cost:200 (250 in spring) Cooldown:5 Damage:40 per petal


Spell 4:a winter blizzard Description:create a blizzard that both heavily slows the enemy and applies a white shader to their screen while also doing damage over time(10-12 damage per second for 4 seconds) Mana waste:300 Cooldown:8 Damage base:300


Spell 5:(name is a work in progress) Description: user controls the border between seasons to unleash a massive blast of seasonal and life energy dealing high damage and stuns enemies while extra projectiles shoot out at high speeds dealing low damage. Mana waste:1000 Cooldown:115 Damage:520-600

Season’s spells will be affected by current real world seasons (not including the ult)

the full list effects: in spring the spring spell will instantly fully charge at the cost of more mana

In summer the buff will last longer and have a 30% stat increase

In Fall the fall spell will be stronger in damage and knock back

And in winter the winter spell blind longer and slow down more and have longer range

feel free to leave suggestions :)

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Yosi boie2
• 12/7/2018

i wonder how I can make the medal better

• 12/13/2018

Make the image bigger

• 12/14/2018

Uhhh sure?

• 12/15/2018

if you make the image in the middle bigger it might look better. Just a thought

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