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Indominus Spinosaurus
• 11/11/2018

My element idea


Needs 500 diamonds

with reaper and nightmare

1st move:Phantom's grasp basically pulls players to you like vine

2nd move:Phantom's secret projectile that will aim for a player like a homing missile.

3rd move:Ground Haunt makes a dark spirit emerge from the ground and follow an aimed player until it disapears

4th move:(melee/close range)Phantom's haunt.When used player will go "into" the aimed players body and take off health.

5th move:(ultimate)Phantomness surounding makes a huge area of ground a dark spirit (like explosion) while after the ult the dark spirits will haunt the players for 10 min

(Did i make phantom too op?)

You don't want to use it,oh well

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Indominus Spinosaurus
• 11/26/2018

that is a good idea

what do u think of a Phenix and dragon fution element

idk a name for it

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