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• 11/5/2018

any combo and a moveset?

hey! i am here to get some help and srry my bad english! i am from Brazil :v

so, i want a good combo and a moveset to use, i have some elements: fire, water, grass, storm, wind, earth, ice, lava, crystal, time, gravity, phoenix, darkness, sound, nature, plasma, spirit and chaos, any tips?

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• 11/7/2018

i got a good combo

u need time and fire

first use temporal trap after use warp bombs the finish him using great fire ball

• 12/6/2018

I suggest warp bombs, Incinerating burst, Murky missiles, Lightning flash, and spiky shield. You can modify it how you like, maybe switch incinerating burst with water beam to better your aim. I am pretty good at the game so this set should work and help you with your aiming.

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