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• 10/28/2018

I made up a new element, metal. What do you think it should cost?

Metal Fist: User gets a metal fist, they charge forwards and if they hit their opponent, the user will punch the opponent and deal medium damage (takes 275 mana and 7 second cool-down).

Metal Smash: User throws multiple metal blocks at their opponent, stunning them for 4 seconds and low damage (takes 300 mana and 5 second cool-down).

Metal Armour: Users skin becomes a metallic colour and becomes slower, but user also gains more defense (armour lasts for 10 seconds, takes 300 mana and has a 10 second cool-down).

Metal Swords: User creates a line of swords poke out of the ground in front of them, the swords blind opponents for 4 seconds and the swords deal medium damage (takes 375 mana and has a 12 second cool-down).

Metal Map (Ultimate): User rises into the air and the whole map (except safe zones) changes to a metallic colour. Then everyone in the game (except those in the safe zone) are trapped in metal cages and metal rains from the sky onto them, dealing very high damage and slowing anyone caught in the ultimate for 5 seconds after the ultimate has finished (takes 1000 mana and has a 100 second cool-down).

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• 12/2/2018

Nice. Should be somewhat cheap 300-500 gems, but the other moves should be buffed. metal fist kinda sucks, 275 and 7 second cooldown for medium damage sucks.

• 1/12/2019

Shouldnt it get a 4th spell?.

btw it should cost 200-300

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