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• 8/10/2018

Which should I get?

I know, I know, this question is really, really common, but still. Let's just cut to the chase and take a look at the problem.

If I get Darkness, that would mean getting Void and Space right away, but I've been itching for Nightmare these past few days. If I get one of them, it would already mean spending 900 diamonds.
Which element is better?
  • Space (not including light nor gravity, I already have them)
  • Nightmare
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• 8/11/2018
Space has better damage Nightmare has better speed
I choose space
• 10/28/2018

Space costs exactly the same amount as nightmare (because you already have light and gravity) and both of their speeds,defense and power are equal.

• 10/28/2018

Nightmare and it’s logo sounds terrifying and intimidating, space and it’s logo looks cool and sounds powerful

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