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• 7/1/2018

My technique (aerial)

this technique dodges annoying overused attack known as "ash pulse" from phoenix, ults, and speedsters.

Set: Light beam, plasma missle, wind ascend, spectrum's travelling spell (rainbow shockwave) and thunder bolt OR healing magic.

Introducing the aerial technique

Things to note:

Speed doesn't matter: This technique is aerial so this means you are spending above-half the time into the air, being on air is very important because while in the air, you are very hard to be attacked, YOU don't need speed but you need to dodge like ww, ss, dd and aa. Speed makes you go on the ground all the time.

This is a mana-eating technique: you need to pick your moves carefully since some of then eats mana fast, wind ascend should be use rarely since they are eating more mana than the spectrum travelling spell. BUT wind ascend is very important

This technique is very hard: it can be used to dodge ults even how near you are, and can dodge ground attacks that are hard to dodge.

Requires max mana: Max mana is very important since that I've said, it is the mana-eater.

Don't use inertia (less-gravity): inertia is awful because it makes you slower, YOU don't have to be very high to attack and dodge.

You cannot fly for a very long time: FLYING is limited in this technique

Stamina is less to worry about, but: Stamina regens fast but dodgy movements consumes stamina fast, so you still need to save your stamina, walking will regen your stamina but use your mana to dodge attacks.

Let's get started

Light beam: (chargable). Light beam is IMPORTANT because while in the air, you are able to float and stop once charging the light beam. Light beam helps you stay on the air longer, light beam is like a water beam but water beam isn't good since It doesn't float you and make you static.

plasma missle: (Chargable). Plasma missle is the best damaging spell in the set, you can control the projectiles instead of permanently going into one direction, this doesn't help you from floating you up in the air but it is efficient against the enemies, this multi-projectile spell is the only spell where you can control your projectiles.

wind ascend: This consumes mana fast BUT it is important for many reasons, whenever someone's nearby and got attacked(damaged) by it, he/she is stunned so you can have an advantage to attack quickly before he/she stands up. It is also the one who flies you very high so you could dodge attacks and ults such as light ult, darkness ult, etc. HOWEVER, it takes like 0.5 seconds to activate the attack, unlike the rainbow shockwave which activates instantly so opponents have a small chance to attack you. Without this, you cannot fly very high.

Rainbow shockwave: this has many purposed and has so many directions to move it, you can fly up, right, left etc, BUT unlike wind ascend, it flies you up high but not as high as wind ascend, this is more of a "dodging-sequence magic". Without this, you would be dying because of lack of dodging capabilities.

Thunder bolt OR healing magic: Thunder bolt attacks in a position instantly instead of an attack with a timing, BUT thunder bolt cannot float you like light beam would, so this could be used as an alternative attack. Healing magic can replace thunder bolt, you do not use crystal and darkness healing magics but nature and light healing magics because they are better, crystal may be more efficient but it is so limited. REMEMBER THAT HEALING MAGICS ARE ALSO MANA-CONSUMING.

These attacks should be used carefully, strategically and aerially (XD). Annoying ults, attacks, hard-to-dodge ground attacks, are countered here.
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• 8/1/2018
Nice strategy but when you're on the ground you are low on mana and vulnerable.
• 8/6/2018
can light beam be replaced by echoes?
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