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• 5/12/2018

How do you ult spam best?

So I was in survival and someone was ult spamming arurora. What is the best method to do this? Someone told me to get ice for it?
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• 5/21/2018
When you ult spam with Aurora, you need to horde-check the battlefield.

Basically you need to time the ult when there is the most zombies, therefore you kill the most zombies.

It does have a limit of enemies hit at a time but that is negated when the past enemies die.

You don't want use it when there is only a few zombies left.

Sincerely, ben0h555 (Admin)
• 5/22/2018
Hey there,
I recently found a way to Ult spam extremely fast.
1. Use Ult
2. Reset
3. Use a contact move
4. Ta-da your Ult recharge is full!

Sincerely, ben0h555 (Admin)
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