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• 5/11/2017

Set to primary magic

Hi. Just asking a question.
How do you set a certain move-set/setup to be the one you start with when you join the game? I want my Storm magic to be the one I start with when joining the game, not the Fire magic which is the one I chose when I first played Elemental Battlegrounds.
Thank you. I expect an answer, if not, that is okay.
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• 6/7/2017
Unfortunately, you can't start off with a set, or another element. Fire is the 1st element in both the elements purchase list, and the moves list. Due to this, you start off with fire. If you didn't get anything above storm on the element purchase list, then storm's what you start off with.
• 6/30/2017
Sorry for late answer.
You only have 3 starters elements Grass,Fire and Water.
You will need to get diamonds and buy Storm (300)
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