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Photom 82
• 3/31/2017

Suggestions for fusions:

Some suggestions for not-yet made fusions.

Fire+Wind= Obsidian: A tanky, defensive type, focused mainly on survival.

Grass+Earth= Quake: An offensive type, focused mainly on stuns, and trapping opponents.

Water+Storm= Snow: A quick and agile type, focused on quick burst damage. The moves themselves aren't strong, but with a good combo, Snow can be deadly.
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Photom 82
• 4/20/2017
Fire + Wind should make explosive or nuclear
Storm + Water should make radiation
• 6/23/2017
Time + Gravity = Chaos or Universal: Prefer it to be a sniper-type Element to shoot from afar
Earth + Wind = Sand: Annoyance and quick cooldowns, designed for CQC
Spectrum + Fire = Radiation: To inflict poisoning and stall combat for death
Lava + Crystal = Mech: Made by random. possibly from the idea of forging, designed for manipulation of metal and ores to create weaponry
• 7/16/2017
Gravity + Void = space element. it has been released, you were partly right.
I agree with sand
Spectrum is Crystal + Light, it has also been released
Lava + Crystal = Geode look it up.
• 7/18/2017
Actually lava as a crystal is obsidian so, ya
• 2/5/2018
For Universe, Id say Space + Time
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